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While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, there is something magical about the Christmas season. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not (I personally don’t), I still like to drink hot chocolate, go ice skating, and of course, watch magical movies that put me in a good mood. Everyone has their favorites, below is a mix of old and new classics, the best of both worlds!

Love Actually

This is the best romantic comedy of all time. The multiple plot lines and the attachment to every single character make this movie a must-see. It will make you feel amazing and definitely put you in a jolly mood.

Polar Express

I grew up watching this movie as a child, so it definitely has sentimental value. That being said, watching it now that I am older makes me laugh and reminisce about my childhood. 

It’s A Wonderful Life

If you don’t like old movies, maybe skip this one. However, the black and white makes me feel transported into a faraway world and the ending is sure to make up for any bias you may have against old movies.

While You Were Sleeping

I love Sandra Bullock, so anything she is in I am going to support. She is funny and a little wacky in this movie, and it does have a happy ending. This is another hidden classic that I make sure to watch every year.

The Holiday

This movie has a house swap, so you know it is going to be good. It is the perfect ‘chick flick’ as this change in environment is what the ladies needed to find love.

Whether winter is your favorite season or makes you want to cry, these movies are sure to be the perfect pick-me-up and help you find the light in the darkest of winters!

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Hi! My name is Lea Kapur and I am studying International Relations and Journalism at BU. I am from Portland, Oregon. I have been to 16 countries and my goal is to go to 30 countries before I turn 30.
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