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Top 3 Reasons Why Dunkin Donuts Coffee is Overrated, As Told by a New Englander

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

The first Dunkin’ Donuts opened in Quincy, Massachusetts. Ever since this historic opening, you can expect to find a Dunks on every corner in New England, or at least somewhere down the street. This is all great if you love Dunkin’ Donuts and need a quick caffeine fix, but it’s absolutely terrible if you hate their coffee. So, here are my top three reasons why I hate it, and, in my opinion, you should drink your coffee somewhere else.

1. It’s watery.

As someone who likes their coffee STRONG (usually with an extra shot of espresso), Dunkin Donuts just doesn’t deliver. Maybe it’s due to the quality and roasting of the beans, but usually, when I order my iced coffee it tastes more like the ice than the actual brew.

2. It’s inconsistent.

Not every drink you order will be the same,  and that’s just a fact regarding chain restaurants. However, depending on the location of Dunks that you visit, the consistency vastly varies. One Dunks might put automatically put sugar in your coffee so you never have to ask for it, while another one doesn’t. Another Dunks might charge you an extra 5 cents for the same drink you ordered down the street! When ordering anything, it’s important to be detailed so the barista can make it right and you’ll both be happy.

3. Not enough flavor options.

While Dunks does have delicious seasonal flavors for the holidays and autumn, it’s nothing too spectacular. The standard coffee swirl flavors are French Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, and Hazelnut; and additional flavors that come in an unsweetened syrup shot. I would like to see more year-round options for the flavor swirls. It’s the only thing that makes their coffee palatable.

The only significant pro of Dunks’ is that it’s the more affordable choice compared to other coffee shop chains (looking at you, Starbucks).

Please keep in mind that it’s only their coffee that I dislike. I love their glazed donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and hot chocolate! However, if you find yourself at a Dunks in the near future, I would advise you to get a donut instead (it’s what they’re originally known for!).


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Niya Doyle is a sophomore at Boston University studying Public Relations and minoring in International Relations. Her hobbies include advocating for civic engagement among young people, writing poetry, and waiting for the new Animal Crossing game to come out.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.