Top 3 Burrito Spots in Boston

I definitely have a minor obsession with the best food form on the planet. I’m talking about burritos, obviously. It’s a full meal, complete with rice, beans, meat, and salsas, in such a compact form. In NYC, there’s plenty of options to choose from when the burrito urge strikes but let’s be honest, it’s a struggle to find a good burrito spot in Boston.

That being said, there are a couple in Boston that’ll do the trick. Here are the top three:

  1. 1. Los Amigos Taqueria

    When comparing Boston burrito spots, there’s one that stands apart from all the rest: Los Amigos Taqueria.

    With locations in Coolidge Corner, Brighton Center, Newtonville, West Roxbury and Somerville, convenience isn’t a problem. And let’s talk about the variety of options. While Los Amigos has plenty of specialty burritos curated for optimal flavor impact, I would actually recommend creating your own burrito.

    They have two sizes of burritos: 10” and 12”. The only right choice is large, of course. Los Amigos is great for all these reasons, but what really makes it stand out as the best of the best is the spicy steak option. It’s marinated to perfection and has just the right amount of spicy kick. On top of all this, Los Amigos is available on Uber Eats.

  2. 2. Amelia’s Taqueria

    Amelia’s Taqueria, located near Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, and Berklee College, is a close runner-up for best burrito spot.

    Similarly to Los Amigos, Amelia’s also has a spicy steak option, along with a choice of a small or large tortilla. The only reasons that Amelia’s isn’t first on this list is the oddity of the pricing and the quality of the spicy steak in comparison to Los Amigos. Don’t get me wrong, Amelia’s spicy steak is amazing, but it’s just not quite spicy enough.

    Also, the prices in Amelia’s always throw me off a bit. Most burrito places charge a flat price with multiple included add-ons like salsas and sour cream. Amelia’s, on the other hand, charges a flat price and then charges for add-ons as well. Usually, a burrito here comes out slightly pricier, but it's still worth it.

  3. 3. Anna’s Taqueria

    Anna’s Taqueria has eight locations located all around Boston, with two right by West and East Campus.

    It too has a small and large option, along with the spicy steak. What makes Anna’s notable is their pico de gallo, an essential feature of any good burrito. I don’t know what they do differently to make it so good, but whatever they’re doing, they are definitely doing it right. They also have a sliced avocado add on option for an extra $1.60 that I would highly recommend. Overall, just a solid burrito to add to your list of go-tos.

If you're looking for a burrito place in Boston, make sure to check out these three restaurants!


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