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Tips for Long-Distance Relationships with a BFF

Missing a friend who’s studying abroad this semester? Struggling with post-abroad syndrome and with working out time to talk with your mates, amigos, amici, amis? Here’s your ticket to coping with long-distance relationships: 

1) Video chat. When she’s drunk at 3AM in Barcelona and you’re sitting in class and have to ignore her FaceTime call, revel in the succession of “You suck” texts you’ll be receiving from her.

2) Send ugly Snapchats to her so that she knows exactly what she’s missing. Don’t even think of covering your double chin with text. Let her see you for who you really are.

3) Tag her in funny @TheFatJewish Instagram posts that remind you of her and wait for her “Hahaha I saw that” responses.

4) Send her gifs of your mutual celebrity crush, so you can cry over how good-looking he or she is together. (Exhibit A: Sends gif of Harry Styles twerking followed by the tongue emoji). 

5) Comment mean things on her Instagram photos because it’s rude for her to post pictures with people that aren’t you. She needs to know so that she can learn and grow.

6) Fill her in on the cool stuff that’s been happening in your life since you last saw her: “I got Jimmy Johns TWICE yesterday.”

7) Talk about all of the things you guys pretend you’re going to do when you reunite, but won’t actually do. *Simple scenario: Let’s rollerblade, go hiking, and then SKIM BOARDING*

8) Straight up harass her with a million texts in a row until she tells you to “stfu” and then admits that she really misses you and your psychotic ways.

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