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Tips for Creating a Quick Morning Routine

Managing to get out of bed especially after a late night of partying or cramming for midterms can often feel like an impossible feat. Many girls struggle with wanting to look cute and presentable without having to give up any of those precious hours of sleep. So for all you non-morning people here are some helpful tricks for making your morning a breeze while still having time to catch those extra Z’s.

1.     Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Rather than spend time throwing on combination after combination and frustratingly digging through your dresser or closet floor looking for matching socks or your favorite skirt, skip the hassle by putting together your clothes the night before and having all pieces hung up together in your closet to minimize stress. Plus this way your judgment won’t be clouded by drowsiness, so you’re way less likely to regret your ensemble decision! Just make sure to check the next day’s weather on your phone before bed and plan accordingly!


2.     Prep Your Hair for Super Fast Styling

Showering at night rather than first thing in the morning can be a major time savor, but it also creates the potential for major morning frizz. So if you go the nighttime shower route, I recommend putting your hair into a bun or braids before going to bed in order to wake up with already smooth waves that require much less maintenance.  If you shower in the morning, it’s best to thoroughly comb out and towel dry your hair as much as possible before pulling out the blow-dryer both to save styling time and to expose your hair to less heat and prevent damage!


3.     Resist the Snooze Button Temptation

In theory, the snooze button seems like a great idea to wake up slowly and adjust to the day. But really all repeatedly hitting “snooze” does is prolong the wakeup process and increase the chances that you’ll accidentally sleep through class and miss that big test or presentation! (Plus the constant buzzing of an alarm is sure to annoy your roommate) So although it may seem like a struggle at first, it’s way better for your overall mindset to roll out bed at the first beep and resist the urge to crawl back under the covers.


4. Have Your Bag Packed and Ready to Go

There’s nothing worse than spending all night perfecting a paper or a project only to arrive to class the next day and realize you forgot to bring it! This is a surprisingly easy mistake to make when you’re half-awake and haphazardly shoving books into a backpack ten minutes before class. So make sure to avoid disaster by packing everything you need for the next day into your bag the night before so that all you have to do in the A.M. is just grab and go! 

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