Ti(c)k To(c)k, It’s Time for the Weekly Roundup

During times like these, Tik Tok is a special gift to society and deserves to be recognized. Since being locked down, plenty of people across the globe are creating these short videos to entertain everyone else. This week I’m taking a look at five more Tik Tok videos that I absolutely loved (or ‘liked’) and that I hope you'll love too.

  1. 1. The Whole Foods Community (not sponsored) 


    Departments at Whole Foods!! ##fyp ##wholefoods ##fullhouse

    ♬ original sound - sirfishwad

    Not only is Whole Foods a great grocery store (in my opinion), they also have a great community. Since watching this Tik Tok, I’ve become attached to the people working in the different departments of whatever location this is filmed in. Everyone looks so happy to be there (especially the meat and seafood people). These are the employees that companies aspire to have.

  2. 2. Throwback to Word Art 


    me emailing my professor at 8:01 am to receive my attendance points 🤲##zoomuniversity ##wfh ##workfromhome ##fyp ##fypage

    ♬ Working from home be like - thiccgypsyrose


    I used to love Word Art with an absolute passion when I was in elementary and middle school, and this brings back those same feelings of enjoyment. Especially in an unexpected time like right now, I’m sure the professor or “boss lady” appreciated this little sparkle of joy to lighten up her mood too. Stay safe, funseekers.

  3. 3. Little Alchemy King/Queen


    most of it was done in the last week bc quarantine lmao ##celebratedoctors ##quarantine ##coronavirus ##coronatime ##littlealchemy

    ♬ Pew Pew Pew - Auntie Hammy


    This Little Alchemy Tik Tok also brought back a lot of memories. I literally remember playing this game (and never completing it!) but always having a great time. This person is truly the ruler of Little Alchemy after they found all 580 “elements” (which actually aren’t elements...but never mind). In my opinion, one should have to complete this game as the first step to becoming a scientist. 

  4. 4. I Have No Idea If This Was a Flex Tape Ad or Not


    Quarantine x FlexSeal has me doing crazy things... I hope you’re happy Phil Swift ##onlineclass ##coronavirus ##flexseal ##xyzbca ##fyp ##quarantine

    ♬ Roses - Imanbek Remix - SAINt JHN


    I honestly don’t know if I watched an ad or sponsorship here, because this boat with Phil Swift himself on it really showed off the power of Flex Shot and Flex Tape. However, it still makes this list because the corporate Tik Tok of @getflexseal replied themselves with “AMAZING video to prove the power of Flex Shot and Flex Tape.” Therefore, it is not out of the question that Phil Swift saw this video. I was not aware that Get Flex Seal had a Tik Tok, but I love this crossover.

  5. 5. Completely Unexpected Hedgehog


    I’d do anything for my baby girl 💚. ##foryou ##foryoupage ##bedtime ##freshsheets ##washington ##pnw ##xyzbca

    ♬ The Night We Met - Lord Huron


    The hedgehog in this video was a complete surprise, but I live for the care that this owner put into making the hedgehog all comfy and cozy for the night. Cute animals really are my weakness on Tik Tok, and this hedgehog absolutely shined in the spotlight. I hope he or she rested well that night and enjoys the Tik Tok stardom that has most certainly been achieved.

I have a special spot in my heart for most Tik Toks, but these are five special ones that I thought deserved to be included in the article. Enjoy all of these wholesome and funny short videos, and maybe even make some of your own!


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