Thoughts Southerners Have When Going Home for Thanksgiving

If you’re a southerner who's made the journey to a northern school to receive your college education, you know how important it is to go home for the holidays. While all your Massachusetts friends can go home whenever they want to do their laundry, you have to bide your time until you can go back to the comforts of home. 

Holidays are a special time of year in the south.  Family time is crucial, especially during Thanksgiving, a holiday centered around our very favorite thing: food. From experiencing the joys of home cooking to family bonding, every southerner can attest to the feeling of going home after a long time being away.

You get on the plane to go home like

You can’t wait to land and run into the arms of mom and dad

You walk into your house like 

Coming home to your pets like 

You finally get to drive your car again 

You basically fast for the big Thanksgiving meal like 

But the day finally arrives and you wake up to the smell of amazing cooking 

You just stare at the pies like 

You're excited when all your family starts to arrive 

You missed the Southern accents so much, hearing them just warms your heart 

Your grandparents get there, and you know you’re going to get your cheeks pinched no matter how old you are 

You know you’re going to get the scoop on everybody 

Everybody asks you why you went to a school that’s so far away 

All your family members think you’re insane for picking a school where it’s cold 

You answer a million questions about whether or not you’re coming back to the south after you graduate 

They really don’t understand your strange stories about public transportation 

“No it’s not the metro, it’s the T… No it’s not free… Because I can’t drive in Boston” 

You finally get to eat and you're like

So much fried food, so much fried food

You’re so excited because no one from the north appreciates you’re indescribable love for carbs 

You walk away from the table thinking you’ll never eat again 

But then you just eat leftovers for days

It's bittersweet when all your family starts to head out and go home

You realize you have to go back to school and it sounds so unnappealing

But you’re excited because winter break is right around the corner