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Thoughts I Have About Going Into My Senior Year

Very recently, it dawned on me that this summer is my last ‘summer’. By that, I mean that as a rising senior, this will technically be one of my last bits of freedom before I start my real job hunt and start my life as an actual functioning adult. I have about a million and one thoughts that have been rushing through my head every time I think about my senior year and here are a few:

How do you even find a job?

What am I even going to be doing after college? Am I moving back home?

I know my friends and I will probably be working in different states. What if I never see them again?

What am I actually going to do with my degree?

I guess I’m going to be going to T’s and TITS every week this year. ​

On the upside, once I’m done with school I’ll be done with classes and tests and homework FOREVER! But on the other hand, can I just stay in college forever? Senioritis was a huge thing in high school, is it a thing in college too? Stay tuned. I have to finish everything on my Boston bucket list. There’s only one more Marathon Monday left?! I’m going to miss Boston.

While it’s exciting knowing that senior year is definitely going to be full of exciting times with friends and classmates, it’s also terrifying to think that I’m about to embark on this last chapter of college. If there’s one thing I can say now though, it’s that I love BU and I can’t wait to finish out my college career here.


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