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Thoughts After Finishing The Office for the First Time

I finally watched The Office after hearing so many great things about it and I loved it so much. I quickly devoured the nine seasons and was pretty upset when I got to the last episode. Here are my post-The Office contemplations. 


Why did it have to end?

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I started and finished the entire series in less than a month so I was pretty sad when I got to the last episode. I’ll probably re-watch it soon since I already miss all of the characters and the genuine comedy of the show. I miss Jim and Pam. I miss Michael Scott. I miss Dwight. I miss Andy, Kevin, Stanley, Oscar, Meredith, even Creed. I miss them all. I want more seasons to binge watch of this iconic comedy. It was a good show even after Michael Scott left. 

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Almost every other show that removes their main characters goes downhill from there, but that didn’t happen with The Office. I have to admit that I was pretty bummed when he left, but the show was still great without him. It just goes to show that The Office isn’t all about Michael Scott. Sure he’s great, but he isn’t all there is to the plot. Every single character made The Office as great as it was.


What Will I Watch Next?

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There’s never a shortage of shows on my To-Watch List. To go on with the comedic theme of The Office, I’d suggest Friends, That 70s Show, Everybody Hates Chris, and How I Met Your Mother. Some other great series I really like include Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and Bones. There’s so much to watch on Netflix, go crazy — but not too crazy, you’re still in college, remember?


If you haven’t watched The Office yet, I hope you’ll consider watching it soon. I know I’ll definitely be re-watching it ASAP.


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