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Things Winter Made Us Forget Exist

With temperatures below freezing since November, winter seems never-ending for all bundled-up East coasters. Remember the sun? Me neither. It is hard to remember what it feels like to bask in the delicious afternoon warmth in your shorts and t-shirt. It is easy to forget that there actually is a world beyond bone-chilling snowstorms, endless frosty roads and runny noses. Here are some things I’d like to remind you of that (believe it or not) actually still exist:

1. Icy Lemonade

The days we used to drink to cool off not to warm up. If you’re craving this zesty light summer refresher, try generously squeezing fresh lemons into hot water, and adding honey (known as a “Heiße Zitrone”, or “Hot Lemon” in Switzerland).

2. Sun umbrellas

A reminder that the sun does exist.

3. Tans

Say goodbye to the tanning salon.

4. Sand

…and the tickling feeling of it on your toes.

5. Outside Cafés

Breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner out in the fresh air.

6. (Real) flowers

A friendly reminder of life underneath the endless snow.

7. Sunsets at midnight

It stays light outside until at least 11pm.

8. Palm trees

Meaning there is a beach nearby somewhere.

9. Complaining about the heat

Yes you’ve done it and you’ll do it again. Just remember the bitter cold next time you think about hating the heat.

10. Sandals and flip flops

And finally your feet can breathe!

11. Open air festivals

No words.

12. Beach volleyball

You mean you can do sports outside in nothing but a bikini without freezing your butt off? Yes you can!

13. Driving around with the windows down

Probably one of the best summer rituals. Goodbye car heater, hello warm fresh air!

Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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