Things to Watch Out For in the New Season of "Riverdale"

It seems like we've been waiting forever for answers to all the cliffhangers in Season 1 of Riverdale. Before you binge-watch Season 2 in October, here's a recap of all the questions left unanswered and what you should watch out for in the upcoming season.


The Progression of Archie

With his father getting shot at the end of Season 1, we will see the dark side of Archie in Season 2. This will most likely be a huge change from his character in Season 1, where Archie’s biggest problem was his stage-fright. 


Will Archie’s dad survive? Who shot him?

It did not look great for Mr. Andrews, but I predict that he will be okay in the long run. However, who was it that shot him? It seems too convinient to be a random robbery at Pop’s. 


Jughead as the leader of a biker gang?

Cole Sprouse’s character, a self-proclaimed “weirdo,” was last seen becoming an official member of the Southside Serpents. How will this affect Betty and Jughead’s relationship?


Veronica and her father

Mark Consuelos (husband of Kelly Ripa) is set to play Hiram Lodge in Season 2. We’ve never seen him on screen before, so it will be interesting to see the relationship between him, Hermione, and Veronica. 



Don’t forget, we found out Betty has a new secret brother??? I’m curious to see where this storyline goes. 


Archie and Veronica

Veronica will most likely serve as Archie’s main support system while Archie’s dad is in the hospital. While their relationship seems to be thriving, the show is meant for drama, so don’t be shocked if the relationship starts to turn rocky. 



She literally burned down her family’s mansion after attempting to drown herself in a frozen lake. It’s hard to argue against anyone who says that Cheryl Blossom is Riverdale’s most dynamic character. 


Riverdale returns to CW on October 11th.