Things To Look Forward To (Yes, even during COVID!)

As 2020 has brought with it a state of the world that no one could have predicted, it can be incredibly hard to find the silver lining in things. Movie theaters are closed, many restaurants have only outdoor seating, and nice weather (at least in New England) isn’t going to last much longer. As the world around us becomes more grey, it seems our personal outlook loses color with it. 

Being a homebody myself, I can’t say I’ve completely hated the excuse to spend some extra time at home, but now that school has begun I feel a sense of longing for the excitement of finding new things to do and places to go. What is there even to look forward to? I’ve found the only way to stay positive is with the little things. Things that maybe we’ve taken for granted for all of our lives previously.

  1. 1. Fall - And Pretty Much Everything That Comes With It


    If there's one thing I’m looking forward to, it's a perfectly crisp fall day where you can bundle up in your comfiest clothes and sip on your favorite hot drink. For me this includes I Love Lucy or Gilmore Girls, and a peppermint mocha espresso from Starbucks. The beautiful change in the colors of the leaves inspires a great deal of gratitude for nature if you let yourself experience it.

  2. 2. Cold Weather (I’ll admit...kind of controversial)

    macro photo of a snow flake

    I know, I know, not everyone will agree with a statement promoting cold weather, but after so many months of staying inside in the heat, I’m over it. I’m sure in the really cold months I’ll wish I was back in the summer, but for now, I'm looking ahead to sweaters and lots of tea.

  3. 3. The Holiday Season

    Brown Acorn Near Clear Long Stem Wine Glass

    No matter if you’re religious or not, the holiday season inexplicably brings about a warm feeling. Even in cold weather, there's something cozy about the lights and decorations. Even if holidays may appear different this year, I think the most important thing to focus on is the small ways we can still soak up this feeling and connect with family and friends, even if only through the internet.

  4. 4. Post-COVID Times

    woman friends standing in a sunflower field

    Even if a life “post-COVID” isn’t in sight, it is already something I'm looking forward to. Having a positive outlook and hope for the future, while still taking every precaution now, can be difficult, but in the end, is something we can be proud of ourselves for. These times are affecting everyone in different ways. One day life will look like something closer to our past lives and I really believe that it's something to look forward to, even if we don’t know when it’ll happen.

A year ago no one knew what the state of the world would be like today. We all made plans and had thoughts for our futures that may not be turning out as we hoped. But, in turn, none of us are going through this on our own. Remember that our lives aren’t on pause, they’re just adjusting to new circumstances.

Life is about finding positivity, even in moments where it might feel like there is none.

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