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Uggs have their highs and lows each year, and it’s funny to have witnessed it throughout my life. The early 2000s created a big attraction to the UGG boot, seen through many famous celebrities such as Beyonce and Kate Moss. UGGs were a staple piece for the Y2K wardrobe, specifically the tall boot. Not only were they trendy, but they were also super comfortable.

And like all other trends, the UGG trend died. Not because people hated the boot, but because it became too popular, it was no longer cool. The stereotypical fall girl represents the embarrassment of wearing UGGs. The fall girl, mocked online, would usually carry a pumpkin-spiced latte and wear a scarf, thin cardigan, and of course, the UGGs. This stereotype took off the coolness to it because it created the insecurity that you could be one of those stereotypical girls. Hence, the UGG boot died. 

Every now and then during the winter, the boot would make its return just out of comfort, but never was it fully accepted. But then came the UGG summer collection around 2018. The Fluff Yeah was the biggest new development of UGG because it showed that they could actually be kind of cool. Also, lots of celebrities were wearing them, such as Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner. UGG’s other summer shoes, such as the Fuzz Yeah, were also worn by lots of celebrities, bringing back the return of the UGG shoe.

And now we are here, in 2022. The UGG boot has made its return, though, in a new style: the Classic Ultra Mini. For some reason, these boots are on everyone’s wish list this year. Once again, lots of celebrities have been seen wearing them, but they are also just cooler than the traditional boot. An honorable mention this year also goes to the UGG Tasman’s, which is a closed-back slipper, another classic shoe that has just been made cooler.

So consider adding some UGGs to your Christmas wish list, but beware, they might become tacky tomorrow.

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Originally from Brighton, England but curently living in San Francisco and attending Boston University (Class of 2026)