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TableTalk President and Founder Hannah Goodman Shares the Art of Making the Most Out of BU

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Hannah Goodman is a senior neuroscience and psychology major at Boston University from Lake Worth, Florida. She is truly amazing, and I am lucky to have become friends with her through BU on Tap, a student-run and student-choreographed tap dancing group! Hannah is involved in a lot of on-campus organizations and has made the most of her experience at BU. Keep reading to learn more about Hannah, her extracurriculars, future plans, and advice to younger BU students!

Q: How has your experience at BU been?

A: My experience at BU has truly been some of the best years of my life, so far at least. Even though COVID was a struggle, I value all of the experiences I have had at BU. I have met amazing friends, grabbed every opportunity that has come my way, and made some great memories. 

Q: What are you involved in at BU?

A: I do a lot at BU including BU on Tap, TableTalk (president and founder; TableTalk is a club that is aimed to creating conversations around campus and connecting people together), Admissions Ambassador (tour guide), Dance Marathon (Morale Chair), Big Brothers Big Sisters program through the CSC, I am a Coffee Crew Intern at Hillel, and I am a volunteer in the VETSA Lab. 

Q: Can you share some of your favorite things about the organizations you are involved in at BU?

A: My favorite things about the organizations that I am involved in is that they are all unique which connects me to so many different people on campus. My favorite thing that I am involved in is BU on Tap where I not only get to continue my passion for dance, but I have made an amazing group of friends through it. I also love being a Coffee Crew intern for Hillel because it’s another way that I am able to connect to all different students across campus and I get coffee!

Q: Are you involved in anything outside of BU?

A: The only thing that I do outside of BU is I am a volunteer for Massachusetts General Hospital where I am a baby cuddler which means that once a week I go to the special care nursery and cuddle babies. 

Q: What has one of your favorite classes at BU been and why? 

A: One of my favorite classes at BU has been developmental psychology because I loved the topic and because I do so much work with kids — I could connect everything to real life experiences. I also liked the teacher and her teaching style which really helped me absorb the information.  

Q: If you could give any advice to younger BU students, what would it be? 

A: My advice would be to put yourself out there and try new things as much as possible. I think that anyone can have an amazing experience at BU, but you have to take the initiative to immerse yourself in new communities and find friends. There are also so many opportunities that BU has to offer that are accessible as long as you work hard to get them. 

Q: Can you share one of your favorite memories from BU? 

A: I have so many amazing memories from BU, but the one that is standing out to me right now is the holiday party that my dance team had my sophomore year. It was so fun and I feel like I was able to connect with all of my team members very well. It was such a great time and is always something that makes me look back and smile. 

Q: What will you miss the most about BU after you graduate in the spring? 

A: I know I have already talked a lot about my dance team, but I truly think that is one of the things I will miss the most. I have been thinking a lot about how I am still going to dance next year. I am also going to miss the people so much, but since I still will most likely be in Boston, I will definitely be visiting during rehearsal when I can!

Q: Can you tell me about your plans after graduation? 

A: I don’t know what I will be doing exactly since jobs in the psychology field have a very quick turnover, so they won’t be available until it gets closer to the start date. I do know that I am looking for a position in a psychology lab to do research and I am going to do that for a couple of years and then go to get my PhD in clinical psychology and then a post-doctorate in forensic psychology to become a forensic psychologist. Granted, that is subject to change, but I am really passionate about becoming a forensic psychologist! 

When I think of awesome BU students, I think of Hannah! She’s been able to really put herself out there and is kind to everyone she meets. Hannah is sure to achieve great things in the future, and I am excited to see what those things are! 

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Suzanne Crow is a senior journalism major and American studies minor from Lubbock, Texas. In addition to being a writer and editor for Her Campus, Suzanne is a COM Ambassador, a Sigma Kappa, a radio show host for "Ladies of History" on WTBU, a writer for Off The Cuff, and a member of and social media manager for BU on Tap.