Survival Guide to Theatre Tech Week

In the theatrical world, there is a week just before a show opens where the actors and the technical elements all come together to create the final product. This is known as tech week, or more bluntly, “hell week.” It involves a lot of work, a lot of long nights and it can be extremely draining but very rewarding. Here’s how to make it through whether you are an actor or a technician.

1. Caffeinate, caffeinate, caffeinate

Whether it’s tea, coffee, or energy drinks, bring something to keep you awake when you need to stay super late. Just make sure to drink it early so that when you finally do get home, you can fall asleep pretty quickly. And make sure you have plenty of water as well.


2. Snacks are your friend

You will get hungry, so make sure you come prepared. Try to bring stuff that’s actually nutritious such as fruit, bars or nuts so that you feel energized. But feel free to keep some emergency chocolate and candy on hand just in case. 


3. Bring your work 

There will be dull moments when you’re not doing anything. Instead of playing another game on your phone, bring your laptop or textbooks and try and get homework done. It’ll mean far less stress and more sleep for you in the long run. 


4. Wear comfy clothes

There’s nothing worse than hanging around backstage in the super nice, super uncomfortable clothes you wore for an interview earlier in the day. Sweats and comfy shoes are a must, and they’ll make you feel so much better when you’re running around completing a task list.  


5. Patience and Positivity

As cheesy as it sounds, those are the emotions that will make your week far easier. You will have times when you are frustrated and annoyed, and you just want to leave. But try and remember you are all there because you chose to be and because you love what you are doing. No matter how hard it is, the result from this process will be incredible.


Bonus: Hugs are always needed during hell week.