Summer Day Trip: Tanglewood

Tanglewood is the premier music venue in western Massachusetts—summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) & the Tanglewood Music Center established between 1936 and 1940.

Boston University also happens to boast a close relationship with Tanglewood through its Young Artists Program for classically trained, talented teens.

Many popular artists have and continue to grace the Tanglewood stage during the summer, while patrons relax and listen to music on blankets under the stars. This season is no different.

The Boston Pops will accompany Audra McDonald and Roger Daltry from The Who. Special Guest Artists: Harry Connick Jr., Andy Grammer, Alison Krause, and James Taylor will also take to the stage this summer.

In addition, The Boston Symphony Orchestra will play chamber music throughout its summer season; I highly recommend a visit if you have any interest in classical music at all. Tanglewood surely has something for everyone.

It is located 130 miles west of Boston in the town of Lennox and is easily accessible by car. If you do not have a car you could always go in on a car service with some friends or take public transportation.

Bus service is available by Peter Pan or Greyhound from South Station. Amtrak is less convenient and I would only recommend if you were staying overnight.

The train runs once daily and takes almost four hours to get to Pittsfield, which is 8 miles north of Tanglewood. You would need to then jump in an Uber the rest of the way.

My suggestion on the best way to enjoy Tanglewood—get a bunch of friends, rent a car service and pack a picnic lunch. Whether you decide to rock out with Andy Grammer or be serenaded gently by the BSO, it will be a trip worth taking! Enjoy!


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