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Students United: Umoja

BU’s Black Student Union, Umoja, serves to represent BU’s black student body. The group supports black students in many different capacities on campus, says vice president Lauren Allen.  

From obtaining career and networking advice to just looking to make friends, all types of goals are addressed by Umoja.

No matter what your passion, “there is a committee for that,” she says.  In an effort to reach the BU black student body, Umoja organizes a variety of events, from community service ventures to debates to the group’s annual fashion show. 

“Umoja tries to serve every need.  It is just not about academics or just about having fun.  It is a unique balance,” says Allen.  

According to Allen, it’s not hard to get involved with Umoja.  

“Involvement in one event or several can have a profound impact on the community,” she says, noting that the general black population is consistently changing, causing the black student union to change in response to those needs.  

Umoja looks forward to continuing its “tradition of greatness” into next school year. 

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