Stop Hating on YouTuber Zoella

Several publications have recently released the net worth of YouTube star Zoella and it has sparked widespread criticism in the media. The English vlogger has been criticised on the legitimacy of her career and her respective earnings. 

Zoe Sugg, who is best known by her YouTube handle Zoella, makes weekly fashion, makeup, baking and lifestyle videos. She tries to keep her personal life private and make little to no waves with the press. However, this news outbreak will be added to the numerous media scandals that she’s dealt with surrounding her career. The 26-year-old is targeted in above gossipy articles that tend to make up rumors or dissect her personal life. 

There are plenty of other YouTubers with equivalent or higher salaries. Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie, who has the world's most subscribers, makes millions playing video games and hasn't received any flack for his job but rather praise. Why does Zoella receive this kind of negativity? I would imagine it because she is a woman and makes videos on subjects that stereotypically pertain only to women. In my opinion, her videos have a positive impact on the world.  

While her earnings are very high, there is no reason why a woman shouldn’t be able to make a successful career for herself through fashion, beauty, and personal branding. Zoella, who has over 10 million subcribers, has worked hard for years to get where she is today. Since creating her channel in 2009, the YouTuber has created her own product line and has published two books.

Zoe discusses her ongoing issues with anxiety in her videos in an effort to impact others. I believe she is a role model for the copious amounts of young girls who watch her videos, deserving more credit and less criticism. 

Distribution of wealth is certainly a problem in the world, but these criticisms don’t seem to be about that. If they were, other male YouTubers would be geting them too. Surprisingly, the Kardashians seem to get proportionately less negative press about their careers than Zoe has.   

To conclude, women, including YouTubers, should be represented in a more positive light for their successes. #GirlLove