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With Saturday classes, midterms, and continuous snow, there’s no denying that BU students are ready for spring break. Nothing sounds more appealing than lounging on the beach for a full week with no responsibilities except reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours. But if you’re not jetting off to a tropical climate, there are still exciting things to do right here in Boston.

1.     So, you can’t exactly go tubing on the Charles river right now, but you can definitely go to Larz Anderson Park in Brookline and snow tube! There’s also ice-skating and snacks, so it’s a great place for a big group.

2.     While drinking fruity drinks next to the pool is nice, so is warming up with a hot bowl of soup in a cozy restaurant, watching the snow fall. Boston is known for its amazing chowders and soups, so check out Brasserie Jo on Huntington Avenue for their Soup du Jour and warm up.

3.     Nothing will spice up your vacation like learning to Salsa dance. The Havana Club in Central Square has lessons on Friday and Saturday nights from nine to ten at night. For only $12, you can learn some awesome moves and are welcome to stay after and mingle for as long as you like!

4.     Instead of listening to a reggae band beachside, go listen to some Jazz at Beehive, a South End jazz club that features upcoming musicians. It’s a relaxing place to chat with friends and hear new artists while getting a feel for Boston’s music scene.

5.     After all these activities, you’ll definitely be tired. Instead of staying on your bed and watching Netflix, go out the Cambridge Theater to see Improv groups battle it out in standup. Two groups preform and the audience gets to choose the winner.

If you’re staying in Boston for Spring Break, hopefully these activities will make your staycation interesting and fun! 

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