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Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts — Which Coffee Chain Reigns Supreme?

Everybody has a preference when it comes to coffee. Whether you’re a coffee snob who’ll never be caught dead at a coffee chain or a caffeine addict that’ll take just about anything in sight, you’re bound to have some type of preference when it comes to coffee. Most people have a preference over their favorite coffee chain – Starbucks or Dunkin’. Keep reading to see which categories each coffee chain is best in.



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They say that Starbucks is a third place between work and home, and rightfully so! Starbucks definitely has a better ambiance than Dunkin’. When I go into Starbucks, I want to pick up my order and stay there for a couple of hours to get some work done. When I go into Dunkin’, I just want to pick up my coffee and get out of there as soon as possible. 


Mobile Apps

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Starbucks and Dunkin’ both have great mobile apps. They each have a mobile ordering, an in-app scan/pay system, and points which you could redeem towards a free drink. While both apps each have the same features, the Starbucks app has a better layout and aesthetic.



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The coffee from Dunkin is just better! I get the same two drinks at both Dunkin’ and Starbucks — a black cold brew and an iced latte with almond milk — and each drink is better from Dunkin’. Starbucks coffee just always tastes sort of bitter.



Credit: Starbucks

While Dunkin’ may have better coffee, their food department is seriously lacking. Dunkin’ only has breakfast foods, most of which are seriously unhealthy. In their defense, they have great donuts and bagels. Starbucks has breakfast foods and plenty of lunch options; One of my favorites is the Spinach Feta Wrap from Starbucks.                             



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It’s no secret that Starbucks is overpriced. Dunkin’ offers more coffee at a lower price. A medium iced latte at Dunkin’ is the same size as a venti at Starbucks, but the same drink is about $2 less at Dunkin. When you’re buying a coffee every day, that $2 difference really adds up.


So which coffee chain reigns supreme? My verdict: Dunkin’. Even though they might not have the best ambiance or food, they have better coffee (at a much better price). Even though I prefer Dunkin’, I am guilty of going to both coffee chains (for different reasons). I’ve even made it a habit to stop by Dunkin’ to pick up a coffee and then go to Starbucks for their breakfast food and ambiance. While everyone might have a preference, there’s no reason to not enjoy both coffee chains.


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