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Stages Of Joining A Sorority

You’ve been thinking about joining a sorority

But know you need to work on your GPA instead of your social life

But you see all these annoyingly happy sorority girls around you

And last minute, you sign up for recruitment

And it’s more complicated than you expected

But you manage and start prepping for the best outfit

On the morning of recruitment you get ready

You haven’t worn make up in a while

And arrive at recruitment

But realize all of the girls rushing look so much better than you

You try to make friends with them

But they just see you as competition

The Panhellic board wishes you good luck

And the new members all walk to their first party like

And not knowing what to expect, you enter the first sorority party like

And everyone’s just like

And you get bombarded with questions

But you don’t really click with anyone

And they have really weird rituals

And some girls are just like

And you walk out feeling like

But then its time to meet your next party and you’re just like

You walk into your top choice sorority

And all girls look like

The president is just like

And she says really inspiring smart things

And you’re just like

And start talking to the sisters like

Trying to impress them like

And say something smart sounding

But in reality you just wanna be like

But then you give up and you’re just like


Before you leave you give them your last best shot

And you leaving knowing they’re meant for you

And you just wanna

But then you hear other girls talk about how much they love your top choice and you get all protective

And go home and can’t stop talking to your roommate about recruitment

And she tries to be realistic and asks what you would do if your favorite sorority didn’t choose you

And you tell your parents on the phone about it like

And they act all excited too

Then it’s bid night and you are freaking out

And you’re waiting to open your bids and the suspense is freaking you out

And you finally open your bid and…


And you run over to your sisters

You and your sisters are finally united

And you’ve never felt this good

Bid night all evening

Bid night all night

And the next morning

You and your sisters walking around campus the day after bid night

And then people who knew you before you joined will be like

And all your sisters start posting cute things about you on social media

How you basically feel for the rest of the year

Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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