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Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Re-Branding Your College Dorm Room

Desk, books, notebooks with dust on it? Clothes piling out of drawers? And every time you go back from classes to your dorm you feel sluggish and unproductive? If that sounds familiar, you should immediately clean out your room! Fully! I’ll show you how I cleaned my room in one hour! 

There are three simple steps you can take:

1. Dump everything on the floor (for now of course, not forever!) and wipe everything down. Clean out the space where you keep your books, clothes, laundry, and all the outside and inside of your drawers. If you feel this process is daunting, try turning on some music, but be careful to not get too distracted and accidentally miss a dirty spot. 

2. After you’ve wiped down everything with an anti-bacterial spray, the fun part begins: putting everything back. I call this the fun part because you absolutely don’t have to put everything in the same order. In fact, I encourage you to switch things up. For example, put your books in your gym drawer, and your gym clothes by your bed.

3. While putting things back, if something catches your eye that you don’t like or haven’t used in a couple of months, put it aside. If by the end of the week you still haven’t used it, and have the same feeling about it, perhaps you should throw it away or donate it. 

You’re done! During my cleaning, I always end up throwing away at least two or three things, whether it be a piece of worn-out clothing or an old orange.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should start sterilizing your room every weekend, but deep cleaning every couple of months is not only beneficial to the visual aspect of your room, but also for your health. Your lungs definitely aren’t thanking you for that smell coming from the pile of things lying on the floor.

Sure, the famous “clean your room now!” that we all heard at least 10 times in our lives from our parents comes to mind when someone mentions cleaning, but cleaning doesn’t end there! Your mind will become cleaner because studying in a clean, less busy space has been proven to increase productivity. 

And, with only a month or so left before summer vacation, your spring cleaning will give you a boost in front of your friends who will scramble to clean everything before the summer break. When they’re packing, you can relax in your already pre-packed, clean room and perhaps treat yourself to some shopping instead.


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