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Spring Break Clothing Essentials

If you can believe it, Spring Break is quickly approaching! If you are lucky enough to be getting away from Boston and travel somewhere, check out this guide below for your essential clothing and accessories needs for Spring Break no matter where you go.
 1. The Beach Babe
Going to warmer climates for spring break? Make sure you pick up a colorful bathing suit, a pair of great cat-eye shades, and a sundress to cover up. Going to the beach is the perfect excuse to try out a more boho-chic look so embrace light and flowy clothes while soaking in the sun.

J.Crew bathing suit
Field of Daises Sun Dress
OCshades Sunglasses

2. The Snow Bunny

Some opt for colder climates, spending spring break on the hills and in warm lodges drinking hot chocolate. If those are your plans, don’t forget to pack a great knit sweater for both on the hill and off, a beanie and some warm fuzzy socks to wear at night.

Forever 21 knit sweater

3. The European Traveler

Many decide to use spring break to see the world. While most of Europe is still pretty cold as well, you will be doing lots of walking so most importantly you need comfortable walking shoes. A cross-body bag is essential so you don’t have to worry about holding it as you walk, and a fedora to fit right in with the Europeans.

Forever 21 Fedora
Oasis stores cross-body bag

4. Staying at home

Finally, just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean you need to wear sweats. Use this week as a time to try new outfits out on your friends from home who maybe haven’t seen your latest additions to your wardrobe. Try new floral print pants (that are huge right now.) Keep it casual on top with a sweatshirt and circle scarf and enjoy your time at home!

TopShop floral pants
Victoria Secret Sweatshirt
Modcloth circle scarf

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