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Real time baking videos have been heating up the Facebook-sphere. If you have ever scrolled upon one of these mesmerizing food tutorials, you know this feeling. All hail Spoon University. The online food site provides simple recipes, food hacks, and quirky, humorous food-related articles served by students for die hard foodies. "Easy Mac Hacks" has over 2 million views and most recent "Smiley Fries" has over 60 million views and more than a million shares on Facebook.

In addition to the food vlogs, SpoonU hosts "Spoon University Saturdays" every Saturday on The Food Network's Snapchat Discover Channel. With over 100 collegiate chapters, SpoonU at BU takes the cake this month. ENG'16 student-baker Ari Collura was recently featured on The Food Network Snapchat Channel for her "Dunkaroo Donut" recipe as part of Spoon's '90s throwback theme.

"The idea to bake donuts popped into my head while training from home back to Boston," Collura said. "I had a sudden thought: 'I want dunkaroos in my life.'"

Any foodie would want the recipe for "Dunkaroo Donut Bombs." The crispyness of the donut and sweetness of dunkaroo dip is a killer for your taste buds.

Screenshot of April 9th "Spoon Saturdays"

Chef Collura balances savory and sweet recipes, but favors one more than the other. "I love to create 'extreme tasting desserts,'" she said. "Next level."

The spirited baker literally takes her food to the next level. Stacking that is. "I take a simple food and make it something that isn't usually done," Collura said. "I want people to vomit in a good way upon seeing mountains of food because you are so full." Collura teased a breakfast dish for May. "Stacked. That's all I'll say."

The ninja chef has many talents other than knife skills. For each article, Collura takes over 100 pictures per shoot. "There are photos for every step," she said. "I use a GIF when a lot of steps take place in one bowl." The senior engineer takes pride in her artistic direction and visually delivers her SpoonU posts. 

Photo by Ari Collura

For February, the foodie showed her love of meat with a bouquet of chocolate dipped maple bacon roses. "[Bacon's] fun to cook," Collura said. "Sorry, vegetarians."

For more cooking tips, Collura draws inspiration from Pinterest. She has four boards: Entrees, Healthy, Inner Fat Girl, Breakfast. But at the end of the day, "I don't do what's popular. I do want I want to do." Her appetite is one of a kind. 

To get a taste of what Collura and other student-chefs serve up for SpoonU BU, visit @Spoon_Boston on Instagram and Twitter. 


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