Splurge & Save: Dorm Edition

Guess what?! It’s another edition of Splurge & Save! Here’s where you can find a bunch of different categories related to one topic and my personal tips and tricks on where to spend your hard-earned money! I get it, I’m a college student and money is hard to come by sometimes; you don’t want to waste it! This week, I’m talking all about dorm room essentials including bedding, organization, supplies, decor, and more!

Bedding: Splurge

Your bed is your haven. When you’ve had a long day and need a break, the best medicine is to cozy up in bed and relax. That’s why having the softest and cutest bedding is key; No one wants to curl up in an uninviting, scratchy set of bedding. Avoid this by dishing out a few extra dollars to sleep well!

*Pro tip: Try purchasing new, pricey bedding for the next term at the beginning of summer to benefit from lots of sales!

Try: Urban Outfitters -$90 and up

Rug: Splurge

I know that not every dorm room or apartment has room for a rug, but if you do, I highly suggest you spend the extra money to buy one! It may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, a rug is one of the key items in a room that will instantly make it feel homier. Sick of looking at that gross blue, brown, and grey rug that holds (who knows how many) germs? Since you can’t exactly get rid of it, put a new one on top of it instead!

Try: Overstock- $50 and up

Organization: Save

Dorm and apartment rooms are small, especially in a city. Saving space and keeping everything organized is super important to keeping your space aesthetically pleasing. Not only that but since the space is so small, even the smallest amount of clutter can overwhelm the room and subsequently overwhelm you. You have too many other things to worry about, so buy some inexpensive organizers from Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond to hold all your stuff!

Try: Desk/Drawer Organizer- $10-20

Wall Decor: Splurge & Save

Wall decor can be a little tricky. If you want to buy a lot of posters and frames at once, even if they are inexpensive to begin with, the price can add up relatively quickly. However, there is an awesome website that sells cute posters (perfect for the dorm) and corresponding frames without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean you won’t be spending over $100 for a few hanging items but it’s probably one of the best values for money on the market!

Try: Desenio Posters & Frames - $10 and up

Communal Decor: Splurge (& Save!)

If you have roommates, there are some spaces that you all with share; whether that be a bathroom, living room, or even just the open space in the middle of the dorm. The bottom line is that you are living with other people which has its perks! If you all want a really pretty, comfortable living space you can afford to purchase some pricier items that everyone can use because the cost will be split among more people. This way everyone gets to benefit from the nice items but doesn’t have to shell out tons of money.

Try: PBTeen - $119

Necessities: Save

Necessary items like toilet paper, tissues, snacks, and hand soap are a no-brainer. Unless you want to see your money go down the drain *literally* just get some inexpensive supplies and call it a day. Want to save even more money? Bed, Bath & Beyond constantly has coupons so your already inexpensive items could cost even less.

Try: Bed, Bath & Beyond - Prices may vary

Lights: Save

A true college dorm room is not complete without fairy lights or a super aesthetic floor lamp. However, you don’t need to spend lots of money on these little twinklers. Primark sells really good lights for pretty cheap and your dorm room will look just as cute as it would have if you had dished out more coins. If you’re looking for a floor lamp, try shopping at your house first. Often times you’ll have lamps hanging around that you could snag and repurpose in your dorm, without spending $50. (Always ask permission first, of course!)

Try: Primark - $3

Bathroom Bits & Bobs: Save

I have one word for you: Target. Looking for a bath mat, bath towels, or a shower curtain? Target. No need to splurge on these items because you can find good quality items at Target for not a lot of money. These items are also probably going to be the first to get worn out and gross so it’s better that they didn’t cost a lot in the first place!

Try: Target - Prices may vary

Hopefully, these ideas helped you budget or gave you inspiration for when your next looking to buy some dorm decor! Keep in mind that I’m no expert on budgeting, but that this is just some advice from a fellow college student struggling with money matters. This column is ongoing so be sure to check back next Tuesday to see what’s next on Splurge & Save!


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