Spiderman is Officially Back in the MCU—And We Couldn't Be More Excited

Since his debut in Captain America: Civil War, the adorkable teenage superhero Spiderman (played by Tom Holland) has become a fan favorite within the MCU. 

Sony and Disney made a deal back in 2015 to coproduce Spiderman films together after the disaster that was The Amazing Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield. The sticky situation began earlier this month when the two parenting companies were unable to come to terms regarding the financing of the film. According to an online article from Deadline, Disney wanted a 50/50 financing split in regards to future Marvel films that would star the superhero. The latest Spidey film Spiderman: Far from Home cashed in at a whopping $1 billion, replacing Skyfall as Sony’s highest-grossing film, so the company turned down the offer unwilling to share their newest cash cow. With Sony refusing to split costs and Disney uninterested in maintaining the current deal, the companies announced that they would we parting their separate ways and Spiderman would be leaving the MCU. 

Now listen, I’ve been watching Spiderman since Tobey Maguire was dancing around in jazz cafes (Yes, remember 2007 Spiderman 3? I try to forget, to be honest). So, when the news broke that Spiderman was no longer going to be in the MCU, I was devastated. Heartbreak hurts, but finding out your favorite superhero is leaving the cinematic universe they were revived in is a different kind of pain, okay? And I wasn’t the only one upset—fans and celebrities alike took to social media to voice their emotions. 

Credit: Junkee

It’s been a wild journey, but fortunately, after weeks of negotiating, the two companies were able to work out the numbers to have Spiderman come back for the third time. According to another Deadline article, Sony and Disney will co-finance the third film for a 25% equity stake. Fans around the world have been rejoicing and Spiderman actor Tom Holland shared his response to the news by posting a clip from The Wolf of Wall Street on his Instagram. The clip of Leonardo Decaprio’s character said, “I’m not leaving...the show goes on!”

The movie’s release is scheduled for July 16th, 2021, so in the meantime kick back, relax, and enjoy the memes circulating Twitter. I’ll see you all in the theaters when the film hits the big screen.


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