So, What Does it Mean to Be a VSCO Girl?

“VSCO girl” is a new term used to define those who follow the trends posted on the photo app VSCO. The app is used to post photos using filters and an abundance of editing tools. Unlike Instagram, VSCO is a fairly low-pressure form of social media; there are no publicly seen likes or comments, so users tend to post whatever they desire without the fear of not getting enough likes. 

A new wave of VSCO has begun and it is starting to get less and less personal, as photos of stickered hydro flasks and scrunchied wrists line the feed. Not that hydro flasks and scrunchies are a bad thing, but they are staples of the VSCO girl look. VSCO girls usually wear big t-shirts and checkered Vans or Birkenstocks to complete the fit. Honestly, it’s an adorable look and it’s encouraging that the “effortless” and comfortable style is trending right now, rather than the “Instagram Baddie.” Although neither of these trends are negative, the loss of individuality is what’s scary. Everyone should wear what they want because it makes them feel good, not because their phone screen told them that it’s cool.

Photo Credit: The Hi-Life

The VSCO girl has been subject of many memes and mocking YouTube videos, as all trends will have their critics. The trend has many positives; it doesn’t force girls to wear anything but comfortable clothing and also spreads a kind of environmentally friendly message with “save the turtles” stickers on their reusable water bottles. They make it cool to go green, and I see nothing wrong with that. Photo Credit: Keana Skurla via YouTube

With the catch phrase of “good vibes only” the VSCO girl trend is a relatively positive one to follow. My only advice, as with any trend, is make sure what you are wearing, posting, or supporting is because it is something YOU love-––something YOU feel expresses who YOU are. Social media is an incredible way to find inspiration and can act as a guide to finding yourself, but don’t let it dictate your life. As teens and young adults, we may all live in an interconnected secret bubble of the internet, but we have to remember that at the end of the day we have to be comfortable in our own identities.

Photo Credit: @darahgram via VSCO

Be who you are, but for the love of fashion and the love of yourself don’t let VSCO determine who that is.


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