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It’s that season again, SPRING!

While for some of you that could mean the beginning of internship season or the end of midterm season, for the students at the College of General Studies, this is the HEAT of Capstone Season.

I’m sorry, what is the right reaction? So let me answer the question you’re thinking.

What is Capstone?

That is an amazing question! Let me answer it for you.

Capstone is basically a mini group thesis on a topic that refers to any social issue.

Typically, each group has six to seven members and the group creates an angle on a social issue and provides a policy recommendation to some enforcement body.


Another great reaction!

That’s basically how everyone feels up about Capstone until it is almost done.

Capstone is a 50-page paper, which is pretty short compared to most theses, and it is supposed to serve as a research-intensive paper that gets students well-versed on an issue in the public policy agenda.

Why do students do this to themselves?

You’re asking the real questions, aren’t ya!

At BU, in the College of General Studies, students don’t actually have a choice. It’s part of our curriculum to write one in order to transfer into our college whether that be COM, Questrom, CAS, ENG, or Theology.

You could call it a “mini graduation requirement.”

How long do you guys have to write it?

A question most students who write it don’t find out about till they start it.

You have a little less than a month, closer to 28 days to write a 50-page paper. While it seems like this paper divided among 7 people it isn’t that bad, you quickly realize it becomes hard to manage due to the research, the editing, the team meetings, along with all your other classes.

How do you balance?

The best way to balance is time management, just like any other activity!

Time management and Google Calendars becomes your best friend during this type of project. Scheduling properly, working together, and making social sacrifices for your grades is the way this project works and helps you reach your end goal of getting into your transfer college.

What do you get out of it?

Yes, look for the benefits!

The bright side is that you have a fully researched paper that can be sent to the enforcement body and could maybe make a change.

Also, if you adapt it a little, you could look towards getting it published because like I said, it is a mini-thesis that you and your team created so it’s eligible to be published.

So for any of you guys who are writing a Capstone right now, our hearts are with you. You guys are working so hard and for sophomores, this is a really aggressive assignment to do. We know the work you are putting into your Capstone and we are rooting for you!


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