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A Sneak-Peek Into the Crazy Diet of Gisele and Tom Brady 

Here in Boston, no family is more beloved than the Brady’s. Tom and Gisele are practically royalty around here, each with stunning careers of their own to prove it. However, being so physically fit does not leave much room for cheat days. Here is what Tom and Gisele eat in order to stay at the top of their game. 

The Brady family’s personal chef, Allen Campbell, recently spilled the beans about what exactly Tom likes to eat in his day to day life. As the best quarterback in the NFL, and the highest paid model in the world, Tom and Gisele like to keep their meals loaded with veggies. In fact, about eighty percent of what the family eats is vegetables (only organic, of course). Crazy, right? 

Here’s a list of exactly what does NOT make it onto the Brady dinner table: 

• No processed grains, only whole grains will do (brown rice, quinoa, millet, and beans). 

• No white sugar. 

• No white flour.

• No olive oil or canola oil is used to cook with, as these turn into trans fat in the body. Campbell substitutes this with coconut oil. 

• No iodized salt, only pink Himalayan salt. 

• No nightshades for Tom, as these foods are not anti-inflammatory. This includes tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and mushrooms. 

• No caffeine and no coffee. 

• No dairy. Nope, none. 

• No gluten, the Brady’s are totally gluten-free. 

• Tom prefers to eat little fruit, but Gisele and the kids do more often. 

• Only grass-fed organic steak, and occasionally some chicken and wild salmon. 

So, this diet is pretty limiting to say the least. However, Tom and Gisele truly do love eating this way and it’s very clear that this family is absolutely thriving. If you want to check out where Brady is getting all of his superfood from, Campbell revealed he often shops for the household at Whole Foods, The Butcher Shop, and Siena Farms, all in Boston’s South End.  

Check out this sample meal plan for a real life look into the day of a supermodel and superstar athlete: 

For breakfast, try some Bradycakes. These healthy pancakes are a favorite of the family’s and are made from eggs, protein powder, flaxseed, and almond oil. 

When you’re in the mood for your mid-morning snack, some almond butter with carrots and celery should hold you over until lunch. Or try a whole avocado with Himalayan salt and pepper. 

Lunchtime, what’s on the menu? Have a hearty brown rice bowl with some spinach, chard, and baked salmon.  

To get past that late afternoon lull, perk up with a green juice or some white bean hummus with flax seed crackers. 

For dinner, try some chicken with quinoa and veggies. Or, if you’re craving pizza (who isn’t, right?) cook up a tasty cauliflower crust pizza with cashew “cheese”. 

And now for the best part of any day: dessert. Campbell has come up with many creative dessert ideas, including black bean brownies, raw avocado ice cream with cacao, and raw vegan cheesecake. Take your pick! 

So, do you think you could spend a day eating like a Brady?   

Julia Novello is a Film and Television major at Boston University, with a minor in Political Science. Her interests include writing, pop culture, binge watching Friends, politics, travelling, and everything to do with Tom Brady. She is a native of Boston, MA.
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