Simple Things that Offend New Yorkers

New Yorkers are not a particularly sensitive bunch, but there are certain things that we will take offense to. A small, seemingly unimportant happenstance will mean more to us than what was probably intended.

Here are a few things (some more trivial than others) that offend New Yorkers:


1) So-Called New York Pizza

Pizzerias around the country with signs reading “New York Pizza” are only fooling themselves. You can’t get authentic New York pizza anywhere but New York and suggesting that you can is just plain rude. We all know that New York pizza is the best kind of pizza (just ask Jon Stewart).


2) Signs boasting “World’s Best Bagels”

Many bagel shops claim to have the best bagels around, but we New Yorkers know that nothing can beat the bagels back home. Every New Yorker has eaten a multitude of bagels for almost every occasion: breakfast, lunch, snack, etc. After eating New York bagels in nearly every capacity possible, what other bagel could even hope to compare?


3) Hearing “soda water” or “club soda”

Carbonated water is called Seltzer- it just is. Calling it sparkling water is acceptable, but saying soda water or club soda is crossing a line.


4) Being asked “what city?”

Okay, so this one is on us- we’re so used to referring to New York City simply as “The City” that we’re shocked when anyone doesn’t immediately understand what we mean. Sure there are loads of cities in the world, but whether we live near or far, NYC is always “The City” to us. 


5) Assuming you’re either from NYC or Upstate

Saying you’re from New York usually leads to the assumption that you’re either from New York City or Upstate. In reality, New York is huge, and there’s more to it than just those two regions. 


6) Calling New Yorkers Rude

Calling New Yorkers rude is like messing with a friend- we’re totally allowed to do it, but we will fight anyone else who tries.


7) Weather comparisons

In New York, whether it is hot or cold, weather conditions are usually at either end of the spectrum. Hearing how nice it is elsewhere during our intense winters or summers will only leave us in tears at what could be.


What offends people in your home state?