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Sierra Rother: SED ’19 and Basketball Team Manager

Sierra Rother is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. She speaks with grace and confidence and when she has a dream or a goal, she always finds a way to achieve it. Her assertion in following her path is both admirable and motivating. She is the manager of the basketball team here at BU and a lover of basically all sports. (Sierra says, “Go Red Sox!!!”)

Sierra is a sophomore in the School of Education with a focus on Spanish education. She is also minoring in Business. She wants to be a teacher because she wants to be involved and do something engaging in her career choice. Working with children is her dream job because she wants to take on the challenge and have a new experience each day. Her favorite part of her time in SED so far was being a student teacher twice a week for an eighth grade class last year.

Sierra played field hockey and basketball growing up. Unfortunately, during her junior year of high school, she injured her shoulder and had to get surgery. After recovery, she couldn’t play sports as competitively as she previous was able to so she ended up managing the basketball team for her high school. Sierra was a bit apprehensive at first, as it is in her nature to be out on the court, not behind the scenes. However, by managing the basketball team, she was able to re-fall in love with the sport again. Even though she wasn’t playing, she was still able to be part of the raw and fast-paced essence of basketball.

In the spring of her junior year of high school, Sierra ran into the coach for Boston University’s basketball team (when I say ran into, I mean ACTUALLY physically bumped into the coach). They started talking and Sierra said, “I want to go to BU and I want to manage the basketball team.” He appreciated her clarity and confidence and he told her to e-mail him and they would work something out. 

When Sierra got her acceptance letter to Boston University in March of senior year she was absolutely stoked. She immediately emailed the athletics office and reminded them that she wanted to be the manager for the team. On move-in day, she unpacked all of her stuff and went straight to the athletics office to introduce herself in person again and finalize her position of managing the team. The director and coach officially titled her as the manager the same day.

I asked Sierra why she didn’t study sports management or something and she looked at me and said, “There isn’t a major to get you to the NBA, but I am going. I know I am. I am pursuing both of my dreams – to be a teacher and a coach.”

Sierra helps turn college athletes turn into basketball stars. She has learned a lot about perseverance, dedication, and humility through her experience as manager for the basketball team. In addition, she has also gotten a family out of her position. All of the basketball players are like her older brothers. Sierra’s enthusiasm and power to pursue her goals can be such an inspiration for all college students. She is doing what she wants to do – not for money, power, or any other reason – she is doing it for herself.





Ronnie Finley is a sophomore at Boston University studying Public Relations. She is from South Florida and wants to live in Seattle someday. Ronnie is always ready for adventures and exploring Boston, especially if there is coffee involved. 
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