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Seven Things To Do On A Snow Day

Snow days are the best! It’s an unexpected day off, and everyone usually goes out the night before and parties it up. Here are seven ways to spend your snow day!

1. Bake.

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen, invite all your friends over to bake yummy thing all day long. Examples include Rice Krispie treats, mini cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, and brownies. It’s usually not so much about the baking as it is about hanging out with your friends and having fun.

2. Catch up on homework.

Snow days are usually declared during a time when it seems like I am so behind with my readings. On our most recent snow day, I spent my time writing a paper, catching up on readings, and getting organized.

3. Movie marathon.

Again, invite your friends over…or have a movie marathon by yourself. Or, catch up on a TV series you haven’t had time to see yet. If your friends are coming over, gather blankets and pillows and make a really comfy space so you can all have fun watching old movies together.

4. Clean your room.

It’s so hard to find time during the school year to clean your room! A snow day is a perfect time to do laundry, fold your clothes, change your sheets, and make your bed. Also, you’ll probably find that sorority pin you lost or that shirt you’ve been looking for.

5. Face mask.

I try to find time to do a face mask every week and a snow day is a perfect time to put one on and relax! Bonus: you can do this while doing homework, cleaning your room, or watching a movie.

6. Read a book.

In college, I find it hard to read books that aren’t required. Snow days are the perfect opportunity to read that book that has been on your nightstand for months! If you have no pressing homework deadlines, this is a perfect way to spend your snow day.

7. Darty!

Usually, when a snow day is declared, one or two fraternities announce they’re throwing down the next day. Darties can be fun, I’ve been to a few really great ones, but sometimes they can be lame.

Whatever you decide to do on your snow day, I hope you have a great day!


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