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Seeing Color — 11 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Proved She Was the ISH

Last Tuesday marked the premiere of the new Black-ish spin-off series Mixed-ish. Set in the 80s, Mixed-ish recounts the early years of Tracee Ellis Ross’s beloved character Rainbow Johnson. The new series comes after a series of advancements for Ross. Earlier this month, Ross released her new haircare brand Pattern Beauty and was set to cover the October Issue of Essence Magazine. Quite frankly, Tracee Ellis Ross is the Queen we need and here are 11 times she proved it.

When she was revealed to be the “MANE” attraction for the 2019 October Issue of Essence Magazine.

This is not the first, second, or even third time Ross has graced the cover of the Black Beauty Magazine. No, Ross has been on this cover FOUR times. Can you say goals?

When she reminds us to love our natural hair.

I’ll be the first to admit that having curly hair has simultaneously been the greatest privilege and bane of my existence. Ross reminds us that even though it may be hard, we should love our hair. And even though it might be a little fickle, it ultimately loves us back.

 When she answered our curly-haired prayers.

Pattern. Beauty. Need I say more? Ross went and did what very few celebrities ever would. Especially celebrities who can have their hair styled for them. WIth Pattern Beauty, Ross has changed the curly game. 

If you’ve got quirky, crazy, curly hair you can check out Pattern Beauty here

When she serves us all the LEWKS!

Ross’s looks are notorious. But this ‘fit from the 70th Emmy Awards? We are not worthy.

When she became the Rainbow of our dreary lives.

In September of 2014, the world was introduced to the funny & fabulous Rainbow Johnson. We need her. We love her. We want to be her. Ross brings the doctor to life and navigates conversations about race, politics, and motherhood with grace. Rainbow is exactly what we need after a rainy day.

When she laughs with us.

She can laugh with us. She can cry with us. There’s literally nothing cooler. If you want to see the many sides of Tracee Ellis Ross, go follow her on Instagram — I promise you won’t regret it. 

When she reminds us that she is human too.

In her speech delivered at the 2017 Glamour Women of The Year Summit, Ross reminds us that her “life is [her] own,” but it doesn’t always feel like it. While she may play a mother on television, Ross is 47, not married, and without kids — a lifestyle society continues to suggest is unacceptable. Ross had to learn to live life the way she wants. This honest show of vulnerability by such an iconic actor is rare. But, we STAN.

When she stands up for what she believes in.

Ross may not be the only celebrity to use her platform to project her voice, but she is one of the loudest. A quick look through her Instagram is sure to reveal the actor’s activism — her belief in equality for all.

When she won her Golden Globe.

Winning a Golden Globe is no easy feat. But Ross triumphed and decided to share her success with us all. And her actions have spoken just as loud as her words. 

When she is supportive AF.

Ross is finding success in an incredibly competitive business, it’s true. But she did not get to the top by tearing down others. We love to see it!

And when she reminds us where she came from.

Diana freakin’ Ross, you guys. These two women are powerful, strong, and fabulous. It’s clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree on this one.

This world does not deserve a light like Tracee Ellis Ross, but we are so glad she’s here providing us with all the light. Never change Ross, because you are the -ish. 

Agree? Tune in to Mixed-ish and Black-ish (she stars in both!) on ABC Tuesdays starting at 9/8c. 


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