Schitt’s Creek – Why You Should Watch the Funniest Television Show on Right Now!

*This article is spoiler free!

Have you never heard of Schitt’s Creek?

Are you in need of a new binge-worthy show? Do you enjoy witty jokes that make tears stream down your face? Do you miss that feeling of really connecting with TV characters? You’re in luck, I have found the answers to all your problems. Schitt’s Creek is a 5 season masterpiece!


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The Rose family is an extremely wealthy family of 4, who live lavishly and are unbothered by everyday struggles. However, the opening scene of season 1 sets up how the family inevitably find themselves in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. The Rose family gets everything repossesed by the government, except for the tiny town of Schitt’s Creek that Mr. Rose purchased years before and never thought about again. So, naturally, the family moves into a small motel in Schitt’s Creek, and that is where the Shenanigans begin.  

The family of 4 gets thrown into this tiny town, with a tiny community, where everyone is a bit quirky, odd, and definitely not Rose’s run of the mill friends. But, they have to make due in their new life and learn what the meanings of money, family, and friendship are.


Each character of the Rose family is uniquely and unapologetically themselves, but their character arches throughout the seasons are incredibly done. Moira, the mother who doesn’t even know her daughter’s middle name in season 1, turns into the mother who looks out for her children and boosts their confidence in season 5, while always staying true to her theatric self. Johnny Rose holds the family together by being an amazing husband and father for the Rose family. Since this is a spoiler-free article, you’ll just have to watch to find out what he does to make Schitt’s Creek his home.

Alexis and David are the sibling duo of the century! Hands down, no one could change my mind about the fact that Alexis and David have the best sibling bond on television today. They continuously look out for each other and always have each other’s backs. I love the little idiosyncrasies that each of the characters have in the show, especially the ones between Alexis and David! Between Alexis’ “Ew, David"s and David’s dramatized “OH my God”s the show honestly could not get any funnier.

And that’s just the beginning of the characters! I haven’t even gotten into the locals of Schitt’s Creek! Between the recurring characters Roland Schitt, the mayor, his wife, Jocelyn, and Stevie, the motel clerk, there are too many phenomenal scenes and jokes to count! Later on in the series, a few love interests come into play as well, making the Rose family see Schitt’s Creek as a bit more like home.

I can honestly say that Schitt’s Creek is the funniest, most heartwarming show I have ever watched. The story development and subplots are well put together, and the constant running jokes and quick witty lines make 20 minutes go by all too fast! P.S. Moira says “baby” as “bebe” and it might be the funniest reoccurring joke I’ve ever seen play out on a tv show!

If you aren’t already watching Schitt’s Creek, make sure to check it out on Netflix or here at Pop Tv! And, if you already have watched it…go watch it again, you know you want to!

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