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Sarah Sassen: Max U Fitness Rep

Major– Public Relations
Year– 2014
Hometown–Los Angeles, CA

How did you hear about/get involved with Max U Fitness?

I heard about Max U Fitness through a family friend this summer when I
mentioned I was looking for an internship.

What does your job entail as a campus fitness representative for Max U Fitness?

My job as a campus fitness rep for Max U basically entails working out
and blogging about it. Karen and her team send me personalized
workouts everyday to my email. After I finish the workout for the week
I blog about things I like and didn’t like in the workouts for that

Can you talk a little bit about the 12 Days of Finals campaign?

It is a two week FREE workout program for students as a way to help
them get through the stress of finals. There are easy and quick
workouts and exercises everyday. You can sign up here!

Can you talk a little bit about the Tough Mudder? Is that a fitness challenge?

All of the campus reps have to set a goal. I decided that I would
enter Tough Mudder. I signed up with my big in my sorority, Hanna, and
it was such a rewarding expereince. It is a 12 mile extreme obstacle
course that raises money for the Wounded Warriors Foundation. I would
highly suggest it to anyone that is even slightly interested in the

How can other students get involved?

Tough Mudder is a national wide event. There are courses throughout
the country throughout the year. The website is the best place to get
information about it.

What are the fitness challenges like?

The challenges througout the course were tough. I would consider
myself in decent shape, but I was not prepared for freezing water
obstacle in November! Others included running up a half pipe, running
a mile in knee deep mud, crawling under barb wire, etc. It sounds
worse than it is! When I was in the moment it just seemed like
something fun.

What are some of the benefits to being a campus fitness representative?

It is an awesome expereince to be a campus rep for Max U because it has
really motivated me to go to the gym on a regular basis. Karen is a
great person and will work with you to schedule a personalized workout
routine! Also, you get to try some really great new products. You also learn a lot about using social media, marketing, fitness, and nutrition.

If someone would like to be a representative how should they get in
contact with you?

It’s really easy! Find MaxU fitness on Facebook and Twitter @maxufitness!

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Ashley Rossi is a sophomore at Boston University studying Magazine Journalism and Mass Communication. After living in a small town for most of her childhood she looked towards the city for an exciting adventure. At BU Ashley has volunteered with the Community Service Center and written for various publications, including The Buzz and College Fashionista. Her goal is to eventually run the creative department for any major fashion magazine or international design house. Ashley also blogs daily on her blog, Gossip, Chanel, and English Tea on Tumblr. In the meantime she enjoys relaxing on the beach, watching Gossip Girl and Weeds, and reading the next Lauren Weisberger novel.
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