Santa Claus: Our Holiday Campus Cutie!

If you’re looking for the cutest guy around this holiday season, look no further. He’s a bit of a silver fox, but he knows just what you want, and as long as you’re good, you’ll get it! You won’t be able to resist his red cheeks and button nose. Plus, he’s got a sweet ride; it’s the newest edition red sleigh with all the bells and whistles (literally!). 

Santa Claus is the most mysterious cutie on campus. He only comes around once a year, so you better look out or you’ll miss him. He drops in on Christmas Eve and before you know it, he’s gone again. Most of the year he is quite the recluse, he goes back to his home in the North Pole, so to see him you’ll have to pile on the warm clothes (just a tip, he loves the color red!). But he’s definitely not alone up there, he has a shop full of elves who make toys all year long. It can get a little noisy at times, but at least it’s always festive where Santa lives. 

He’s definitely a busy man, as he is constantly working as a toy maker, and is the CEO of his own company. He’s also very busy with the crazy amounts of letters that he gets, he’s so popular! Plus, you’ll always see him working on this list of names. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time for fun! Santa has a great sense of humor, and his laugh is infectious. You can’t be sad when you hear “Ho! Ho! Ho!” 

Santa is also a movie star, you wouldn’t believe how many films he’s been in! You can always kick back with the elves and watch a Santa flick. And you’ll have to give up control of the radio once in a while, as Santa has a big thing for Christmas music.

You might find that Santa is a bit of a creeper with the whole “he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” thing. Also the guy goes to every single house in the world in one night and eats their food, yikes! But overall, Santa’s a really good guy and he definitely knows how to give gifts. 

If you’re interested, this campus cutie could be a hard one to catch, but he’s definitely worth it. Who could imagine a better cutie than one with a big bag of presents? So make your Christmas list and make sure you’ve been good, and you could catch this cutie this Christmas Eve! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!