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Ryan Whitten


This weeks Campus Cutie is new to BU.

 As a transfer student and COM major, Ryan can be seen waltzing the halls of COM, manning a camera on a film set, or hanging out with his two freshman roommates he has taken under his wing.

Ryan Whitten is a Junior from Albany, New York, who transferred from SUNY Oneonta to pursue a degree in Advertising. When asked what it is like being a transfer student, Ryan replied “It’s the same as being a regular student – except you kinda feel like a freshman.”

Ryan is an active member of BU’s brand new Digital Media Club, and was an integral part of launching their new app, uPlannr. He is also an account executive for Ad Club, and spends his spare time working on numerous film projects.

Along with a knack for computers and technology, Ryan has a love for music. He plays guitar and sings – can you say yes, please? He also enjoys exploring the great outdoors – especially hiking. He’s currently working with an old professor on a documentary about the 235-mile Trans Adirondack route – one that he’s hiked many times.

So what brought this outdoorsy upstate New Yorker to BU? From personal experience, I would say that it was his ambition. Ryan knew that in order to gain the training and experience necessary to be successful in his field, he needed to challenge himself both academically and personally. His favorite thing about being at BU is living in the city of Boston. “Nothing’s better than being in walking distance to downtown Boston,” he says.

This cutie’s idea of a perfect date is making dinner with a girl. “A restaurant is nice,” he says, “but cooking is a great team activity. What comes from the kitchen stove says much more about me that what comes from a menu.” Unfortunately for my readers, this is just how he won over his current girlfriend. I guess you’ll have to wait in line!

We can definitely expect big things from this campus cutie – so keep any eye out!

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