A Review of Tinashe’s First Independent Album “Songs for You”

If you listen to any rhythm and blues music, you may have heard of Tinashe. Her debut album Aquarius came out in 2014, featuring her hit single “2 On.” 

Since then, she has released two full-length albums, Nightride and Joyride. These three albums were released under her former label, RCA. While these albums were good, listeners (myself included) were skeptical about whether or not these records were fulfilling her full potential. 

Tinashe left RCA in February of 2019, where she revealed online that she was happy to have creative control back over her future records, starting with Songs for You

Now, onto the album! The record consists of 15 songs, all of which were written by Tinashe herself. The cover art is amazing—it gives me a Left Eye/Aaliyah ‘90s vibe. 

The first song on the record is “Feelings.” I would describe this song as having a bratty, cool-girl style that Tinashe always embodies in her music. There are multiple songs on the record that I would group into this category. “Hopscotch,” “Die A Little Bit,” “Cash Race,” and “Link Up” are all very central to Tinashe’s vibe. These songs feel very empowering for women and definitely have a club-like vibe.

She is also consistent with her alternative-pop sound. In my opinion, songs like “Stormy Weather” and “Perfect Crime” are very experimental. The sounds feel rooted in her R&B sound, but also surpasses the boundaries for a pop girl and experiment with a new area of sound. I think this is a major win for Tinashe, after leaving her former label — now, her creative control is shining.

There are some deep cuts on the album, which are always my favorite songs. “Save Room For Us” and “Remember When” are two of my favorites. Her vocals really tell a story of their own, painting a picture of heartbreak and growth. 

That being said, my favorite songs on the record have to be “Story of Us” and “Remember When.” 

All in all, I am so impressed and happy with her work. I am so happy that she is able to produce music that is her own — in this day in age, making independent music is super important for women in the industry. I can only hope that Tinashe’s transformation in music can inspire other up and coming women to test their boundaries!


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