A Review of Tiffany Young’s Magnetic Moon Tour

About a week ago, the Boston Magnetic Moon Tour page updated its title to say “SOLD OUT”, and I was surprised, if not very happy, for Tiffany Young. 

Photo credit: @puppymyong on Twitter

A former member of the iconic Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young has made her way to the US market, releasing music as recently as October and performing on Billboard’s Honda Stage just a couple of days ago. As for why a Korean superstar decided to ‘start over’ in a new environment: "I feel like I'm living out my dreams again," Young tells Glamour. "It's an amazing feeling."

And while Young lives out her own dreams, she simultaneously puts together dreamy sets for her fans—at every tour stop, a huge moon circles her onstage silhouette as she dances and sings and addresses her audience, her abundant emotion pressing into the hearts of hundreds. 

Photo credit: @Tifflyrics on Twitter

In Boston, Young donned simple light-colored top and pants, but they were paralleled with huge boots, a beret, and dark lipstick. She took the stage for herself and the first half of the setlist was dominated by her older music, which included her Korean solo debut song— I Just Wanna Dance— and the synth-pop Heartbreak Hotel.

And while Tiffany could have just gone from song to song without losing any well-deserved respect, she managed to incorporate speaking portions, becoming emotional at some points and shedding tears. But she also laughed and made jokes. She made Boston memorable to herself, and to the rest of us. While she was speaking to us about feeling energized and positive, her stage presence was becoming more apparent. She knew how to work a stage.

Photo credit: @taesones on Twitter

The second half of her setlist was more of her newer, English music, including Lips on Lips and the romantic Runaway, a B-side on Tiffany’s Lips on Lips album. She had a backtrack running, but managed to exceed the pre-recorded vocals, showing off her prowess and creativity by spinning songs in different directions and tunes. 

The night ended after an encore of two songs and an emotional goodbye. People rushed to the merchandise stand, with people asking for “one of everything,” and then some. Her merchandise was crafted carefully around her Magnetic Moon theme, and although I personally wasn’t fond of most of it, I could appreciate one of the hoodies enough to buy it. I left the night satisfied with my purchase and my experience, and I almost missed Tiffany, as if I had spent the evening just conversing with her. 

If you want to keep up with Tiffany Young, follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @TiffanyYoungOfficial, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel!


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