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A Review of Taylor Swift’s Folklore Album

If you’re a T-Swift fan like myself, you remember the excitement of when Taylor announced that she was going to release Folklore. If you’re not a T-Swift fan, I must inform you that Taylor announced Folklore the same day she released it. She gave us one of the greatest gifts an artist can give to their fans: an album that they don’t have to wait for!

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Folklore is unlike any other album that Taylor Swift has created, and I think it’s pure gold. Of course, all of her albums are great, but there’s something really special about this one. 

One of the really cool things about Folklore is that it tells stories about both Taylor herself and other characters: some happy, most sad, and all emotional. I enjoyed trying to figure out which songs were about Taylor and which ones weren’t. I even analyzed and talked about the album with some of my friends. After all, Folklore was one of the most exciting things that happened this summer because of COVID-19. 

My favorite song from Folklore is “Exile,” and some of my close-second favorites are “My Tears Ricochet,” “Illicit Affairs,” and “Cardigan.” I love listening to sad songs, even when I’m happy. My favorite more upbeat songs on the album are “Betty” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.” However, I like every song on the album and seriously don’t think there’s a bad one. 

[bf_image id="qf0pvk-4je8sw-3mj4a9"]Another gift that Taylor gave us when she released Folklore was a “Cardigan” music video. The music video was brilliantly done under unusual circumstances due to COVID-19. Taylor wrote on her Instagram that she wrote/directed the “Cardigan” music video, took safety/healthy precautions because of COVID-19, and did her own hair, makeup, and styling. T-Swift is such a queen!!

If you haven’t listened to Folklore yet, I highly recommend that you do! I would even go as far as to say that I think Folklore is Taylor’s best album yet!

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Suzanne Crow is a junior journalism major and American studies minor from Lubbock, Texas. In addition to being a writer and editor for Her Campus, Suzanne is a COM Ambassador, a Sigma Kappa, a radio show host for "Ladies of History" on WTBU, a writer for Off The Cuff, and a member of and social media manager for BU on Tap.
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