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A Review of Doja Cat’s “Hot Pink” Album

Doja Cat has been one of my favorite artists for a hot minute. She’s so unique and I love her aesthetic. When she announced the release of her sophomore album, titled Hot Pink, I knew I wanted to write a review on it immediately.

I started listening to Doja’s music around this time last year. Over the past few months, she released a deluxe version of her first studio album Amala, which includes songs you may have heard of: “Juicy,” “Tia Tamara,” and “MOOO.” I really loved the Amala album! There are fast-paced songs, like “Juicy,” but a majority of the songs are slower-paced. 

Doja is also a very versatile artist. Her aesthetic is very camp, and she always goes above and beyond with her style and image, which I adore. On this album, I think she ties her aesthetic and music together fluidly, making it a near-perfect work. 

My first impression of the album was great. I love the title and the cover art! Doja is always giving great visuals, and I absolutely love it. I’m obsessed with pink, so the visual is enough for me alone. 

The album consists of 12 songs, one of which she released with a feature from Tyga, called “Juicy.” She features two artists—Tyga on “Juicy” and Gucci Mane on “Like That.” Features aren’t really a huge deal to me (unless it’s Nicki, then we have a whole different story), and I’m not crazy about male rappers in general, but the feature songs are good. 

The lead single of the album, “Rules,” gives a nice taste of what the album will contain. The song feels like a combination of rhythm and blues and soft rock… if that’s even a thing? 

“Cyber Sex” is the hottest current single from the album. This song and this video—everything about it—screams camp to me.

After listening to the full record, the songs are cohesive in both their beat and their lyrics. Some of the songs are risqué, but I think those tie in with the aesthetic of the album overall. 

One awesome thing that Doja does on her songs is the way she spits with each lyric. For example, on “Rules,” she uses different personas to emphasize separate parts of the song. I love this because she brings characters to the song, making the sound even more enticing. 

Two of my favorites off the album are “Say So” and “Like That.” Both of these songs are pop-infused with some of that Doja flare. 

Overall, this album feels like something I will keep coming back to repeatedly. If you want some bops with a fresh female-rapper vibe, I highly recommend you give it a listen! 


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Olivia Gorman, or Liv as her friends call her, is a sophomore at Boston University. Liv is studying public relations in BU's college of communication. Her favorite things in this world stem anywhere from fashion, to iced coffee, or movies. Liv loves a good laugh, a good book, and a great cheekbone contour. Olivia is from Boston, Massachusetts.
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