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The Remaining Bachelor Contestants Ranked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Every Monday brings not only the start of the school week but another hectic Bachelor episode. This week was no different, as we became enveloped in Taylor and Corinne drama that drove the entire episode — drama that had me begging never have to hear the words “emotional intelligence” ever again. However, with Taylor’s (not) shocking exit and Nick’s dismissal of six other women, we have arrived at the final six out of the women who started the show. Naturally, I wanted to do my own personal ranking of the contestants left in search of the Final Rose — so here it goes:

6) Kristina

When she cried at the first rose ceremony, I was like, “Girl.” But her one-on-one with Nick was very sweet, and she’s clearly been through some shit. I definitely don’t think she’s getting the Final Rose, but at least she seems sweet.


5) Danielle M.

I really loved Danielle at first and did not understand why such a seemingly normal and kind of shy person would be on this show. However, as time has passed, I don’t not like Danielle M., but I also really don’t care for her that much either. Despite that, I think she might go far and might even end up in contention for the Final Rose.


4) Corinne

Ah, Corinne. Yes, she annoys the hell out of me. And yes, I think she should be kicked off VERY soon. But no, this season would not be nearly as deliciously extra as it is without her on it. She is the real star of Season 21, and America will not be the same after learning about her cheese pasta and her nanny, Raquel.


3) Raven

Raven. Sweet, sweet Raven. Was I a little more than surprised that she literally told Nick she fell in love with him in Week 5? THE FIFTH WEEK? Raven, that was a mistake. But I am still pulling for you because you are adorable and pure and everything that this show is not.


2) Vanessa

VANESSA DESERVES SO MANY CLAPS. I love her because not only do her and Nick have great chemistry — which makes for great TV — but also because she literally calls Nick out on all of his shit. That’s exactly what you need in a relationship — a healthy balance of respecting each other and making sure each other knows when the other is upset. Not constantly fawning over Nick and telling him how great he is.


1) Rachel

I am so incredibly biased because Rachel has been my favorite since the beginning. First impression roses do not lie, and this past week featuring her one-on-one — I’m not going to lie, I know that this show is all fake. But damn if I didn’t believe in her and Nick’s love for a second. Also, when he catches himself from mentioning he can’t wait to meet her parents? Truly amazed. Rachel is a kickass lawyer and she seems to have an amazing personality. Nick better hold onto her.

Feel free to let me know what you think of these rankings — surely there are many different opinions out there! But until then, here’s to trashy television that makes us forget our responsibilities, and to the men and women who make it so very unnecessarily (but necessarily) dramatic.



Maddie is a senior majoring in journalism and public relations in the College of Communication at Boston University. Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, Maddie is incredibly happy to be back in Boston for her fourth year. This year, she's looking forward to spending all of her money on brunch, downing lots of coffee, and of course, writing and editing at Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Maddie is involved with her sorority and exploring all of Boston.
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