Relatable Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Feel Personally Attacked

The internet is full of relatable content, but some content is a bit too relatable. There are quite a lot of posts on the internet that some people see themselves in competely. Here are some Tumblr posts that will probably make you feel personally attacked:


Dry shampoo for days.


What? People leave their houses?


I AM SpongeBob.


Ah, sweet capitalism.




Hi, can I graduate already?


8 a.m. what?


Social anxiety, am I right?


It’s 2018, why are phone calls still a thing?


Why didn’t I get an A on a paper I worked on the night before it was due?


Will ignoring my problems make them go away?


Constantly overthinking everything.


Money? Never heard of her.


Like why are there people in public places?


When you tell someone you just met your entire life story.

Only a good idea in theory.


At least I’m a good listener?


Social anxiety is too real.


Did we all grow up to become Squidward?


Hi, can we be friends?

Me, taking an extra long route to avoid people I barely know.



Keeping in touch? Sorry, never heard of her.


We are all Kelly Kapoor.


A mid-afternoon nap sounds great.




My entire life, actually.


Deadlines? Never heard of them.


Yes, I am totally a social butterfly.


Growing up is a lie.

Spill the tea.


I apologize to my future roommates.


Do we even exist?


Why even try at this point?

Overanalyzing everything kills me.




Seriously, who am I?

Self care over GPA all the time.


Why can’t our soul mates just fall out of the sky?


Help; I’ve been personally attacked.


So staying up all night overthinking isn’t normal?


Tumblr is the actual queen of relatable content. We can forgive her for personally attacking us.


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