The Regrettes—A Punk Rock Band that Screams Girl Power

I love rock music, and I always have, so it was no surprise that I fell head over heels when I first found The Regrettes. Their music is infectious, making you want to flip your hair and dance the way you do before your roommate comes home on a weeknight. I’ll call it “Girl Power Punk Rock”—not fully punk, but the sort of music that definitely has you pulling on your Doc Martens. The band's frontwoman, 18-year-old Lydia Night, brings ridiculous amounts of energy while singing relatable songs about the ups and downs and the full process of a relationship. 

You may have heard of them before: the band opened for Twenty One Pilots, SWMRS, and even had a cover of “Helpless” on the Hamilton Mixtape. The Regrettes are currently on tour for their sophomore album released this past August, How Do You Love, performing here at Brighton Music Hall in Allston last week. 

The album starts off in spoken word, lead singer Night diagnosing the listener with “love.” The California band then goes on to express the entirety of experience in a relationship, delivering upbeat songs like “Stop and Go,” describing losing control in emotions, and “Dress Up,” apologizing for messing up and wanting someone to let them back in. How Do You Love also contains soft songs like “Coloring Book,” about falling in love and wanting to admit your feelings.

Last year The Regrettes released a standalone anti-Kavanaugh single-turned-anthem, “Poor Boy,” which ELLE deemed “a feminist call to arms.” From that point on, the band has been on an uphill ride, releasing singles and albums left and right. Night teased a Christmas collaboration with the band Wallows on social media this week. 

For a band with music so fun and alive, I find it odd more of us haven’t heard of them. They’re a young, passionate group, no member is over 25, and they’re out releasing music and playing for some of pop culture’s biggest names. Give The Regrettes a listen! They have creative music videos and never fail to deliver songs that have your current emotion covered. 


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