A Reflection on my First Year at Boston University

May is finally here, and it’s still cold outside. Somehow, we are at the end of the year and it feels bittersweet. My sophomore year is over, and, being a transfer, this also marks the end of my first year at BU.

I know it sounds super cliche, but I feel like I moved in yesterday. It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. So, to honor my sophomore year, I’m going to take a trip down memory lane with a recap of my experience at BU, month-by-month.



Welcome to Boston University! I moved into BU and it was so hot. I recall getting lost on my first day of classes and ofc, showing up late on my first day.



The honeymoon phase of my new life at school was ending and reality was setting in. School work became more intense. Ofc, I had plenty of good times. I dressed up like a deer for Halloween (basically just an excuse for me to put on a ton of makeup), and the Red Sox won the World Series!



Became an avid-pumpkin spice latte drinker (omg I miss it so much).



Finals season! The first semester ended, went home for winter break! Holiday season! Woo-hoo!



The second semester now begins! Declared Public Relations as my major. Reunited with my college friends after a month of break and started my job on campus.



New Ariana album came out <3. Celebrated my birthday with friends!



Spring break was a great time to rest after a busy semester! 



I was asked to be godmother to my baby cousin… I'm crying brb. It finally started getting warm out again! Job interview for the summer! Went to Happy Place with HCBU.



Finals season, yet again. The year has come to an end. Moving out, saying good-bye.


Throughout my whole year here at BU, I have become a new person but also stayed the same. I’ve discovered what is important to me and have become more comfortable with myself. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that change is hard, but necessary. Although scary at times, I’ve found the most rewarding moments are the ones you must work hard for.

So, BU, thank you for a great first year. I’ve learned to grow and flourish. As queen Mariah Carey says, “Don't be afraid to fly, Spread your wings, Open up a door, So much more inside.”


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