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A Reflection on the First Semester of My Freshman Year

As of today, I am deep into studying with just five days in Boston until I fly home for the winter.  I have almost completed an entire semester of college. Back in August, when I was nervous and terrified, I had no idea if I would make it to this point; to the point where I am happy at my school, where I am comfortable and where I feel loved. So here are some reflections on my year so far.  

There have been points when my roommates have driven me crazy. But there have been far more times when I am laughing hysterically with them and spilling my guts to them and those are the times I will remember.

Lectures at 8 a.m. suck, especially one with 300 people. But afterwards, I got to get coffee with my friends and laugh about what happened in class, so it wasn’t that bad. And taking engaging classes every day is amazing.

There were events I went to that were weird or uncomfortable. There were times that I hung out with people I realized I didn’t like or situations I didn’t want to be in. But that only made the really great times and people even more special.  

I am proud of myself for talking to people. For putting myself out there day after day even when I wanted to hide in my room. Because of that I have people who know me here and friends who I am growing ever close to. I am creating a community from the ground up, adding new people to it constantly.

Never doubt the power of my interests. I joined clubs that I was interested in and they have been a huge part of my happiness here.

I am so happy I go to school in an urban campus. I love that I can get on a train and be at an art museum, the harbor, a park with light up swings, an amazing bakery and so many other places. I love that I feel part of this city and I am so excited to discover more of it.  

I have missed things. I have been horribly homesick. But as I become more comfortable here, it has gotten easier. My home and people there will always be special to me and part of me will forever miss it. Yet as I carve out a place for myself here, I find that I do belong here.   

I have made some really great decisions. I have made some not so great ones as well. I have had absolutely fantastic days and unbelievably hard days. In my opinion college is neither the best time of your life, nor is it the worst.  It is just life in its ridiculous, messy glory.  Sometimes it’s completely mundane and sometimes it is breathtaking. It is when you begin to learn all facets of yourself and start to gain true independence. There are good parts and bad parts but they all make a total experience. One that I am glad to be having.  

Goodbye for a month, BU. And to all the other freshman out there, we made it!  


Catrin is a freshman at Boston University. Although she is a British citizen, she considers Boulder, Colorado as her hometown. She is pursuing a degree in International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's studies. She is a lover of cats, theatre, the outdoors, and beauty products. 
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