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Recycle, Reuse, Repeat: Trends Resurfaced from the Past

We all know that fashion is a game of keeping up with contemporary tides. From one season to the next, styles seem to ebb and flow with the latest Mui Mui heel or Chloé tote. While fashion often prides itself on innovation and the latest avant-garde designs, it would not be fair to leave our stylish predecessors in the dark. Some of today’s most on-trend looks borrow from the Woodstock-loving hippies of the 70s to the scrunchie wearing teens of 90s sitcoms. So raid your mom’s closet or scour through your childhood garb, because antiquated trends are making a comeback from decades past.

1.     Chokers

It’s time to hit me baby one more time with Britney’s once favorite accessory: the choker. Worn by idolized pop stars and teen television royalty of the 90s, chokers were the affordable and must-have clincher of any ensemble. From plastic to crocheted designs, chokers have recently resurfaced in popular retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. The choker currently takes a modern spin; formerly associated with a “girly” aesthetic, it now defines a more edgy, hipster look.

2.     Overalls

No matter the era, denim has proven its endurance to withstand the test of time. The denim overall, previously typified by the iconic one strap undone look, has achieved full-fledged chic status as of late. It has been spotted on the runways of Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim, and Isabel Marant, as well as on influential style bloggers including Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine.

3.     Mirror sunnies

These psychedelic shades no longer belong solely in the 70s. The rounded gold frames with iridescent lenses have again materialized among a bohemian crowd, proving the perfect accessory to help protect your eyes against the sun’s harsh rays.

4.     Fringe

The fringe factor remains strong. Prevalent on the Fall 2014 runways of New York Fashion Week, fashion lovers have overwhelmingly embraced the tousled look this spring. From traditional coats to extravagant skirt styles, hippie chic never looked so good.

5.     Doc Martens

These clunky boots have reemerged from the dust of British fashion. The UK-based duds were once the street style equivalent of today’s Steve Madden bootie. With its hipster aesthetic and reliable durability, the Doc Marten is here to stay.

6.     Scrunchies

The Tanner girls of Full House may be all grown-up, but their scrunchie wearing days have surpassed the show’s lifetime. Stores like American Apparel have paid homage to the 90s by appropriating the big, fluffy scrunchie. While bright neons and chaotic floral patterns may be a thing of the past, the monochromatic velvet scrunchie is now all the rage. They are the quintessential accessory to secure the sleek top knot.

7.     The logo sweatshirt

The flash and dazzle of the 80s saw the rise of the logo sweatshirt. From Benetton to Espirit, these label-emblazoned pieces were nothing short of wardrobe staples. Presently, fashion icons such as blogger Susie Bubble have set these sweatshirts back on trend. Boy band sensation Harry Styles, who won the British Style Award back in 2013, has even been spotted sporting the look, from Calvin Klein’s popular “Obsession” sweatshirt to Nike’s scripted pullover.

8.     Crop tops

One of the most popular items on the market, crop tops have made a resurgence as the epitome of women’s youth fashion. Commonly paired with high-waisted shorts or skirts, crop tops are inexpensive and extremely versatile (thank you 90210 for proving the dynamism of this piece). These shortened shirts are typical garb of the average concert-goer, almost becoming a cliché at popular music festivals like Coachella.


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