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Real Live BU Guy: Types of Flirts On Campus

I like to think of flirting as a form of shopping. Women like to shop without necessarily wanting to buy anything or without an end goal in sight. They may find themselves shopping for hours admiring clothes and trying things on, but leave empty handed. Men, however, shop and flirt with a purpose. When they leave they know that they are either satisfied with something new and exciting, or unsatisfied and ready to shop more the next day. Male methods of flirting have many different forms, and men shape their style of flirting based on how much they are into a girl.

The Fake Listener

  • This guy has been around women a lot. He knows women love to talk and does not hesitate to intervene when he feels like there is about to be a silent awkward moment. He had you at “Tell me about yourself.” You ever hear about that listening tactic, to paraphrase what the other person is saying so that they know you are listening? Well Rico Suave manipulated that strategy and made it 
    a part of his sexy regimen to make him the best listener in the world.  

The Comedian

  • You ever talk to a guy who could get you to laugh, but in actuality you are only laughing because he started to laugh even before you did? Yeah, he’s flirting. 

The “No shame” guy
This is the guy you wish you had NEVER met. He comes off strong, and by strong I don’t mean biceps larger than your face, I mean an Old Spice odor that sinks into your very skin. He thinks your fake giggles to sexual jokes are an indicationthat you are down to play naked twister. No shame.

 The Guy Who’s Really Listening

  • This guy caught you by surprise. He comes up to you and actually just wants to get to know you, so he may start off the same as Rico, but does not try to smooth talk you. He has a little sensitive side shown when he becomes very interested in your activities rather than promoting his own. He’s not flirting at all, but rather just talking to you. What’s better than that, right?

The “chill” guy

  • He comes to your dorm all the time. He listens to all your complaints about life, school, and your friend. This is the guy who you turn to when all you want is an ear and always offers a firm hand on the lumbar back, which is usually the best reassurance that everything is going to be okay.


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