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Random Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Everyone has their own beauty hacks they use, but these beauty hacks are what work for me in my everyday life.  From makeup and hair to dry skin and shaving, I have learned a lot through the years. I’m into makeup and hair, but definitely not as much as other people are.  Some of these hacks pertain to the simple girl looking for an easy escape to the beauty world.

1. The shower steamer.

Photo via One Crazy House

If you have a limited amount of time to get ready, but your outfit has wrinkles in it, hang it in your bathroom while you take a hot shower.  The steam from the shower will act as a iron and get rid of those pesky wrinkles that can ruin any outfit. 

2. Dryer sheets for deodorant stains.

Photo via Indian Fashion Blog

When I find deodorant stains on my outfit I usually use water to get it off if it’s a fresh stain.  However, if you have old deodorant stains on your clothing, dryer sheets are a great hack to get them out.  The great part is, you don’t have to throw the dryer sheets away and you can save them for your next load of laundry.  Rubbing socks or tights on the deodorant stain also works.

3. Beachy waves with a straightener.

See this video for a step-by-step on how to achieve waves with a straightener!

I find that curling my hair takes too long and sometimes the clamp on the curling iron leaves a crinkle in my hair.  Using a straightener is the best way I’ve found to get my beach curls. I curl most of the pieces away from my face, but to add some texture and volume I will curl a few pieces of hair in towards my face.  

4. Q-tips to get rid of makeup marks.

When I’m wearing a full face of makeup and don’t want to risk ruining it by using a big makeup wipe to fix a small smudge I’ll use a Q-Tip.  They’re small and great to remove eyeliner or smudgy mascara!

5. Foundation/ concealer fixes messy lipstick.

Have you ever lined your lips horribly or smudged your lipstick and didn’t know how to fix it?  My trick is to use a small concealer brush ( a Q-tip will also work), dip it into your foundation or concealer, and outline your lips to fix the uneven lines. This is great with red lipstick because it’s so hard to get an even lip with such a bold color, but it can work for any lipstick.  But make sure you use enough so the color doesn’t smudge more or peak through the touch-up. 

6. Line your lips first.

I’ve messed up my lipstick hundreds of times because I’ve never liked my lips.  The best way to avoid the situation in number 5 is to line your lips with a lip liner before putting on lipstick. Some people find it difficult to follow the natural curvature of their lips and draw out of the lines, but it gets easier with practice. Any drugstore including CVS, Walgreens, Target, or Walmart has pigmented and cheap lip liners for all colors of lipsticks.

7. Change your shampoo.

If you’ve ever experienced a dry scalp it might be because you’ve been using the same shampoo for too long.  If you’re looking for a new brand to use I recommend the Costco generic brand Kirkland. I know it sounds weird, but their shampoos and conditioners are cheap, big, vegan, and smell delicious. When your hair gets too used to one shampoo, that shampoo can stop doing what it promises for your hair as it adapts. 

8. Dry skin.

Having dry skin is very annoying and can sometimes be very painful, but if you reduce the amount you shave and the number of hot showers you take you can get rid of your itchy skin.  I have dark thick hair that grows back almost immediately, so shaving is a necessity for me, but during the week I try not to shave as much because it contributes to my dry skin.  Also, I won’t shower every day because the hot water also dries out my skin. Always put lotion on immediately after you shower and don’t dry your legs off completely because the lotion will hold in the dampness that is still on your legs.  

9. Stop wearing false eyelashes.

They look great, but if you keep wearing them or don’t take them off when the day is over they will begin to irritate your eyes.  They can also start pulling out your lashes if you wear them too often. So give your natural lashes a break and a chance to recover by opting for just some mascara or by going all natural! 

10. File your nails.

Just like when you cut your hair it grows faster, filing your nails has the same effect. Push back and cut down your cuticles to help assist with nail growth. Bonus: I’m sure if you have contacts you already know, but if your nails get too long it gets a little hard to put in and take out your contacts. Keeping them shorter and cleaned up can help with their growth and strength in the long run. So, go to CVS and grab a nail file for a dollar or two.

I’ve learned a lot of these tips by trial and error and also through YouTube and social media.  I go through a lot of these issues in my life, especially with dry skin, so hope these hacks help you as much as they help me.


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