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Quick Things To Do in Boston When You Have No Plans

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Boston, as a big city rich in American history and tourist attractions, has so many different places to visit on the weekends. It is important for me to always take Saturdays off from any school-related work and spend the day going out and exploring the city. Sometimes, just going to a place that you’ve already been to is the best option when you forget to plan ahead. Here are some things I like to do when I have no plans on the weekend.


For newcomers to the city, or for people who’ve lived here for years, Chinatown is a great weekend spot to visit. It’s the neighborhood in Boston that I frequent the most because I only need to spend a little bit of time there to get the Chinese food I crave while I’m away from my mom’s home cooking. I’m always going back because there are so many restaurants and small businesses that I need to try. Of the places I’ve tried so far, Corner Cafe Bakery and Hong Kong Eatery have some of my favorite foods that remind me of my mom, and I highly recommend them to you as well.

 Open Markets and Thrifting

Another great weekend activity is going to vintage markets in the city. The most recent one I visited was the New England Open Market on Newbury Street. They had vendors selling vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, art pieces, and more. They’re still open every Saturday and Sunday in November, so I recommend stopping by. There are usually farmers’ markets or open markets somewhere in the city, and with the holidays around the corner, you can find some great locally crafted gifts for your loved ones.

For a more indoor option, there are a lot of thrift shops and antique stores around the city, especially downtown, that you could explore for a few hours. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, taking the time to look at their collections and admire the pieces makes for a great Saturday regardless.

public garden

After grabbing a cup of coffee (or matcha latte for me) to-go, taking a walk around the Boston Public Garden and Commons is a perfect way to get outside and take a break from the desk in your dorm room. I also like taking a book out and sitting on a bench or out on the grass to read. Whether you’re alone or with a friend, the Public Garden is a peaceful place to go with many other people enjoying a piece of nature in the middle of the city.

walk on the esplanade

When I need quick Saturday plans, taking a walk on the esplanade is my solution because of its proximity to campus. If you can get to the BU Beach, you can walk across the footbridge onto the esplanade. I find that walking in either direction for a while can both relax your mind and maybe inspire a trip somewhere else. I went walking on the esplanade last month to watch the Head of the Charles Regatta and almost ended up in Harvard Square because it didn’t feel like I had even walked that far. If you walk left or right, you’re bound to end up somewhere new where you could turn off the trail and get a bite to eat or visit a shop.

If you can walk around for hours on end like me, any of these options make for a great Saturday, and I hope the weather stays nice enough for us to do so. (You can take a fun walk in the snow too, just remember to bundle up!)

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Madison is studying journalism and international relations at BU. She's from Washington state, loves drinking tea, and watching Marvel movies. Check out her portfolio and blog at https://dontmakelies.com
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